The most familiar Limbs of Yoga the masses of “yoga sheep” do are the 3rd Limb, yoga poses or Asanas and maybe, maybe a little of the 4th Limb, Pranayama or breathing practices. In doing so they stay in the ignorance, density, competition and frustration of the body/mind vehicle and never progress to find the subtle perceptions leading to blissful Self-Realization of the True Self beyond the body/mind ego. In fact the ego hangs on to these two limbs like crazy because it can identify with the ignorance (thinking it’s wisdom) that defines itself (the lower self). It is afraid to lose itself even though it is the cause of false highs and deep lows of confusion, turmoil, conflict and suffering.

So don’t be a “yoga sheep”. Pull away from the tip of the iceberg, the material world that the ego can see and identify with for an hour and a half. This is what takes real yogic discipline to do but has infinite rewards on all levels.