Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners in Longwood

There is an art to teaching yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga classes should be fun and teach the basic fundamentals of yoga such as:

Proper Alignment for Each Pose

– Learn the Universal Principals of Alignment
– Learn how to apply the principals per pose
– Feel the poses as a whole – safely, powerfully

How to Breathe for the Best Results

– When to breathe thru the nose or mouth
– How to direct the breath
– How to move with the breath
– How breath moves energy

Starting Your Own Home Practice

– A list of poses to start a home practice
– How to do every pose on the list
– Varying your list of poses

What Yoga Poses are Best for You

– Poses that are good for your injuries
– Poses that will energize you
– Poses that will relax you
– Poses that will balance you

Yoga Poses to Avoid

– How to do simpler variations of poses
– Working your way up to poses safely

Yoga Terminology

– Sanskrit – what and why
– Tuck your tailbone, melt your heart? What?
– Names of most common poses

How to Stretch Without Injury

– The difference between pain and a good stretch
– Our Motto: No pain, no pain.
– Hugging muscles, extending bones for a good stretch
– Breathing for a safer stretch

Strengthening Your Injured Areas

– Stretching with proper alignment heals
– The healing power of the breath

Spirituality and Yoga

– What is spirituality?
– Yoga’s spiritual roots
– How spirituality empowers your yoga

Yoga Basics

Lake Center Yoga Longwood has been teaching yoga for beginners for over 20 years. We have it down to a fine art that we keep refining on a weekly basis in our Yoga Basics class.  Yoga Basics is a six-week course.

The basis of our teachings are inspired by Ancient Yogic Teachings, the Elements of Nature, Planetary Influences, Chakra’s, Mantra’s, Breath Work, Meditation & Patanjali’s
8 limbs of Yoga. All the teachers we’ve had.

Here is a brief Yoga Basics class outline and topics that are included. Each class is designed so you will always learn something new if you took the classes again and again.  Some people stay in this serious a long time and never get bored while deepening the fundamental principals of Yoga.

Yoga Basics Outline

Week 1: Bringing Higher Consciousness to our Bodies. Mind, Body, Breath (Spirit) connection

What you will learn:
a. Ability to tap into a greater self or higher consciousness.
b. Introducing Opening Mantra’s.
c. Foundation of feet, hands, sitting bones.
d. Diaphragmatic breath vs. shallow breathing.
e. Grounding, being present, patience, physical pleasure.
f. Earth Element – 1st Chakra – Capricorn, Tauras & Virgo.

Week 2: Sun & Moon (Ha-tha) Male & Female – Effort and Surrender

What you will learn:
 a. Being stable and free in our bodies.
b. Strengthen before stretching.
c. Learn how to move gracefully, adjust and integrate.
d. Be able to go with the flow of our emotions & events.
e. Water Element – 2nd Chakra – Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces.

Week 3: Navel Center & Core Strength –  Directing Energy to Higher Levels

What you will learn:
a. Be able to react & respond to our instincts & outer events.
b. Regulate passion & motivation.
c. Core strength & will power.
d. Naval point, fire breath, root lock (yoga bandhas).
e. Ability to act and go for it, letting go of what is not useful
any more.
f. Fire Element – 3rd Chakra – Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.

Week 4:  Love vs Unconditional Love –  Our Ability to Give and Receive

What you will learn:
a. Through stillness you can feel in your body & heart.
b. Back bends & bringing sacred space in our consciousness.
c. Expand our minds, bring mind in your heart space.
d. Serving the world with compassion and unconditional love.
e. Air Element – 4th Chakra – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.

Week 5:  Cosmic Vibration –  Looking & Listening Within

What you will learn:
a. Higher Vibration, Finite & the Infinite
b. Aligning the neck and throat to connect head & heart.
c. Speaking Truth.
d. discrimination, clear vision, nonjudgmental
e. Ether Element – 5th Chakra – Listening

Week 6:  Insight –  Intuition & Higher Purpose

What you will learn:
a. Integrating more awareness into your practice.
b. Infinite Space, Inner Wisdom & Intuitive Guidance, Trust
c. Knowing your Spiritual Path & Purpose.
d. 3rd Eye – 6th Chakra – Neutral Mind.

Benefits of Yoga Practice

Yoga is a practice not only on the mat but integrating the teachings so your whole life and health improve. As we going deeper into ourselves we start to see everything that is happening inwardly is how you react outwardly.  What we think is creating our future. This is were we learn to operate from a higher level.  More clarity of the thinking mind to give more insight into the intuitive mind. Ego vs Spirit.

Some benefits you’ll notice right away others will take time, repetition and refinement — after all, it is called a yoga practice.

Yoga for Beginners – Not Just for the Flexible or Fit

Some people think beginners yoga is only for flexible or fit people. That’s like saying weight lifting is only for strong people or that eating well is only for healthy people.

Please come as you are. We honor everyone no matter what your physical attributes are right now. You will gently be shown how to do poses in a way that works for you. You may find you are unable to do a certain pose due to an injury or other physical limitation. If so, our highly-trained teachers will show you a variation of the pose or another pose that you will be able to do.  If you can’t get up and down off the floor or be on your hands and knees.  It would be good to seek go to a Yin Yoga class or seek out a chair yoga class.

Our classes are a competition-free zone where you can relax, have fun and be yourself!

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