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I had practiced yoga for years but had not found a teacher whom I resonated with for a long time (7 years). Then one day I walked into Lake Center Yoga and it all came together as if part of a divine plan. My teachers make the practice so personal and I feel as though they are speaking to me directly! For the first time in years I can meditate and feel the rewards of it! I have experienced a true transformation and much of the time I see the world as a magnificent painting bathed in a glorious palette of vivid color!!

Stephanie Rice
TV & Radio Faculty, UCF

I first started taking classes at LCY because of chronic back issues due to a car accident. The first six weeks of class concentrates on proper alignment, which made me realize there was finally hope because I started feeling less pain which left me absolutely amazed and encouraged.

Lisa W
OCPS Employee/ Mom of 3 kids

I started at Lake Center Yoga after I injured my wrist and shoulder from yoga practice because my acupuncturist recommended . My injuries healed so quickly though I had tried to recover through other therapies for a long time. Sri’s Teaching will be great for anyone who is seeking physical healing as well as anyone who wants to learn the deep philosophy that yoga embodies. I love Sri and Nirgunavathi ‘s beautiful energy. Lake Center Yoga is sanctuary for me where I can escape everyday pressures and spend time with my yoga family.

Megumi Knauff
Travel Agent

My yoga practice with Sri Ekan, started at age 64; I am now 81 and feel stronger, mentally and physically, than 17 years ago. We have gone down many paths together with our student/ teacher relationship; it has been an incredible journey. I taught him during his younger years and now he is sharing his knowledge with me, teaching me to strengthen my mind and body. It has also been our privilege to have our beautiful daughter-in-law, Nirgunavati, with her loving, playful energy, in our family. Lake Center Yoga has a lovely setting where students can come to be spiritually enlightened and create healthy bodies and minds. Three main things I have learned are to Relax, Breathe, and Let Go.

Kaye Isaac
Mother of Sri Ekan

Lake Center Yoga is Orlando’s spiritual oasis. Go there to be refreshed and to find yourself. Stay until your body, mind and spirit are united and you feel whole again for the first time. And your exploration will have just begun…

Barry Sowder
Internet Marketer, Avatar Master

Best yoga in town, hands down. They are SO knowledgable (have been practicing for a combined 70 years!) and very detailed in their instruction to ensure absolute best alignment. I have a LOT of physical issues . . . Sri Ekan continues to keep an eye on my asanas to be sure that I do not exacerbate any of my pre-existing conditions, all the while helping me heal and experience the vast range of benefits yoga has to offer. After attending Lake Center classes, I never want to go anywhere else! Sri Ekan and Nigrunavathi are the real deal and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I can’t recommend Lake Center enough!

Melissa Watkins
Graphic Designer

Lake Center Yoga classes provide an oasis for us to reset for the week, get grounded and aligned mentally, physically and spiritually. The shared experience helps us to connect and grow stronger as individuals and as a couple.

Lida & Bryan Coffman
Volunteer & Business Facilitator

I went to a major yoga studio near me for a while and it was OK. Then I walked into LCY and I knew I’d found my new home! The first thing that amazed me was how learning to breathe well lowered stress in my everyday life of work and two kids.I have been an athlete all my life and came to the studio with a major injury due to over training. This class has worked wonders! I have learned to listen to my body in new ways and with proper alignment throughout. I am back rowing and I feel great! Every class amazes me…..mind, body and soul. Everyone should come to Lake Center Yoga. It will make your life better!

Almut Belote
Jewelry Store Owner

Quinn: I like coming to yoga class with my Mom. I love to look out at the lake while doing yoga, especially at sunset.

Melissa: The first time I came to LCY I knew I had found my yoga home. Whether I come to Yoga 1 with my daughter, Yoga 2, or a more challenging Yoga 3 class the benefits are powerful! Practicing at this studio gives me strength and flexibility in both my physical and spiritual bodies. The retreats are such a blissful day of deepening my practice while nourishing my body, mind, and soul. The teachings of the Yoga Sutras as class themes give me a real road map that guides me through life.

Melissa & Quinn Williams
Mother and Daughter

Lake Center Yoga is the whole package-Alignment, strength, transformation, challenge, peace, encouragement, led by instructors that are committed and walk their talk.I have grown exponentially in my practice since attending their classes and workshops and subsequently my family has joined and witnessed their own transformations. Sri Ekan and Nirgunavathi will forever be my family and I feel blessed to be able attend classes in such an amazing space.

Barbee Cain

One of the wisest decisions I’ve made in my life was joining Lake Yoga Center. It has not only helped me physically but spiritually by changing my perspective in things as well as seeing life as more meaningful and has made me more peaceful with myself and the world around me. It has not only affected my behavior and my response to things but my behavior as a result has affected the people around me in a positive way.

Kim Le
Finance Manager

I am so thankful for you being in my life.  Your energy is so welcoming, encouraging and calming and I thank you for your wise advice and kind words.  The teachings from Lake Center Yoga resonate in me every day!

Nikki Sefried
Vegan Skin Care Store Owner

As a Masters Swimmer I’ve always tried to stay flexible. I’ve had stretching routines and included yoga through the years. I’ve never stayed with a particular yoga studio for a long time. There was always something missing until I found LCY 5½ years ago. The mental, spiritual and physical components of LCY are splendidly integrated. I credit my yoga practice for keeping me flexible as I age. Flexibility in butterfly has allowed me to swim as fast as I did 19 years ago while my competitors have slowed down through the years. LCY is the fully integrated real deal in yoga.

Doug Messineo

I drive 30 minutes to attend yoga classes at LCY because it is the place where I am most at peace. When my body is aligned in class my mind is empty of all unproductive thoughts. I love the teachers commitment to spiritual growth and I thrive knowing I am in the right and perfect place, body, mind and spirit. The drive home is serene and I am grateful.

Jeanette Johnson
Licensed Optician

Sri Ekan & Nirgunavathi show true devotion to the teachings of Pantanjali and their teaching embodies all the wisdom of their years of study. They are inspirational in their dedication to following the eight limbed path of yoga and draw their students to pursue the journey with them. They truly take the practice of yoga beyond the body to a full exploration of the mind and the spirit.Hearing and seeing their witness to the personal transformation that yoga has to offer is something you must experience!

Jim Schreiber
Program Director

Lake Center Yoga has been an important part of my life since 2001. Apprehensive about knowing nothing about yogic thought or history, or getting into mysticism, my concerns were unfounded at LCY. It is the most inviting, loving place that I have ever been. New people are treated as new friends, and the path of yoga is presented and explained in easy to understand interpretations for our modern world and life challenges we face daily. The asanas are always taught with proper alignment for the body, and when my shoulders didn’t bother me (due to work stress) until three days after my very first class, I knew I had found the right place to begin what has become my yoga journey, and I am deeply thankful.

Sue Farnsworth
Volunteer Naturalist

I first came to Lake Center Yoga after being severely injured. I could barely move and function. After 12 years of their patience and guidance I am much improved and am living a good life. After moving away from the studio 2 1/2 years ago, I now travel over 100 miles a day two times per week to Lake Center Yoga to maintain my health and practice. I know it is worth it!

Gregg Silvermen
Mail Handler

In my non-stop routine, with Sri and Nirgunavathi at Lake Center Yoga I regroup and get in contact with myself.

Susi Costa
Pharmaceutical Rep

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