Fees & Policies

Helpful Information about Lake Center Yoga

Please review our fees, policies, and what to do before, during, and after class.

All payments be be done under the class schedule page below or at the studio; cash, check, credit or debit card.

adult drop-in $15.00
1 adult 6 classes $72.00
1 adult 5 classes $60
1 adult 4 classes $48
1 adult 12 classes $130
1 married couple $130
1 senior or full time student 6 classes $65
1 adult unlimited $165
1 senior or full time student unlimited $150
military vets get senior discounts 10%off
1 child drop-in $10
1 child 6 classes $50

Classes can be made up in any class of the same level within the same six week series.

Please note: There are no class transfers into the next 6 week session. Payment for class discounts must be done by first class of the 6 week period. If payments are late a $5.00 processing fee is charged.

If you have prepaid for the 6 weeks you may be refunded up to the end of the 1st class minus $15.

Please note: There are no transfers into the next 6 weeks.

Master your stillness, arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Please remove your shoes, turn off cell phones and beepers, and put your belongings on racks provided inside before walking into the room.

If you have not pre-registered, please make class payment before class begins.

Please be prepared to begin class at the scheduled start time. If you arrive late, quietly join the class. Wait until after the class theme and Anusara invocation is completed to set up your mat. If you are new to yoga we have loaner mats available if you are a continuing student please bring your own.

If you arrive early and are outside the classroom please be quiet, for voices can be heard in the final relaxation of the previous class. Once you sign in and set up is a good time to take a few minutes to relax and center yourself.

If you eat before class, you may eat lightly one hour before class or a heavier meal three hours before class.

Women on menstrual cycles should avoid strenuous poses and inversions. Ask the teacher if there is a question, but mainly tune in to how you feel.

Attire: Clean bare feet, comfortable, yet fitted clothes, water bottle, your own personal mat is recommended but we have mats and props available for class and for sale.

Please use good hygiene and do not wear strong deodorants or perfumes.

Inform your instructor if you have any health concerns or injuries.

Remember, the practice of yoga is enjoyed much more when we listen to our bodies. Don’t push past your limits, maintain a good attitude, keep an open mind, and breathe.

Do not be competitive. Honor your inner voice and your edge.

Stay focused. Avoid looking around and keep your awareness on your breath.

Have and light heart and a good time.

Do not leave during the middle of shavasana, the final relaxation period. If you have to leave early, take some time to lay down for shavasana.

Please return all props neatly. Put blankets with tassels toward the wall and mat with the fold side toward you.

Move slowly and with the awareness of the beautiful energy you received during your yoga practice.

Look for the beauty and wonder in everything around you and allow a feeling of awe to fill your soul.

Smile and be lighthearted, shining your Light with everyone!