Costa Rica Retreat

Nosara Springs Wellness Center

Welcome to Nosara Springs Wellness Center in gorgeous, magical Costa Rica! We are located on the spectacular Nicoya Peninsula, one of the only five Blue Zones in the world.

A Blue Zone is a distinct region in the world where the residents have a strong sense of community and commit to living a life more connected to nature. Blue Zone residents live significantly longer lives than the general population, and it is our desire to raise our consciousness and make healthier decisions based in nature that led us to join the Nicoya Peninsula community.

Visit our beautiful retreat center!

The Nosara Springs Wellness Center was built in harmony with nature and fully captures the beauty of the land.

Our center houses five casitas to welcome our visitors and we are centrally located in the community so you have easy access to the town center, the beach, nature hikes, and more.

We can welcome up to 15 guests at a time, and we are the perfect destination for a wellness retreat, yoga experience, or relaxing getaway.

Next Retreat May 4th-11th 2024!

What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat is meant to do more than deepen your yoga practice.

It is a structured and immersive experience where we come together to practice yoga and meditation in a natural and rejuvenating environment. We also explore more healthy eating practices and making stronger daily life choices to enhance our overall experience.

Being in Nosara Springs, we are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we can fully relate to the nature around us.

The primary focus of a yoga retreat is to provide participants with an opportunity to connect with their inner selves and promote overall well-being.

Explore Beautiful Costa Rica

Extracurricular Activities:

We are close to many nature paths and hikes and just a 10-minute walk to the beach. There are numerous outdoor adventures for you to partake in from ziplining through the jungle, horseback riding, surfing, biking, and more.

Other activities include cooking classes, farmer’s markets, local merchants, and more.

Our Casitas:

The Nosara Springs Wellness Center features four casitas (houses) were built in harmony with nature and the land. We will also be adding a central yoga deck & planting gardens to support a natural lifestyle, healthy eating, and having a low impact on the damage to the environment.

We encourage retreats of a smaller size—right now between 2-6 later after the yoga deck is built 10-20 people.  These smaller type retreats will enhance the personal attention each person receives from the leaders.

Lake Center Yoga in Costa Rica

Feeling Better Longer

The Lake Center Yoga annual Costa Rica retreat is a truly unique yoga experience.

We practice Kundalini & Hatha yoga three times a day and incorporate meditation, breathwork and mantra’s with everything we do. We cook together using locally grown ingredients and study the importance of plant-based diets for our personal health and the health of our environment. We take excursions into the local community, spend time at the beach, study astrology, and more.

The goal of our week together in Nosara Springs is to deepen our connection to nature and learn more about healthy living & raising consciousness to a higher level.

Our next retreat will be held May 4th to May 11th in 2024, but Nosara Springs Wellness Center is open to booking for a meaningful getaway or another wellness retreat.

From our personal travels to the construction of our wellness center to our first retreat, take a look at our Costa Rica escape. We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself!