Costa Rica

Nosara Springs Wellness Center

Welcome to Nosara Springs Wellness Center in gorgeous, magical, Costa Rica! Located on the spectacular Nicoya Peninsula,
one of the only five Blue Zones in the world. As a result people live longer, healthier lives due to clean environment, diet and lifestyle.

Watch Our Development!

Our retreat is currently under construction by a small group of like minded long term yoga people. Expected to start hosting Yoga Retreats in May of 2022.

Purpose of Yoga Retreat:
To break away from ordinary life and retreat in a pristine environment in Nosara, Costa Rica. As a result you are setting up an atmosphere for transformation of mind, body & soul. Evolution of our souls purpose in our body is the ultimate purpose of life. Even more important is all of us being together to do this.

Beautiful Costa Rica

Extra Curricular Activities:
Near by are nature paths.  Sun sets and long walks on the beach are only a 10 minutes away. walk with no buildings on the beach.. Further more, Horseback riding, zip lining and other amazing beaches, volcanoes, bat caves are close by.

Construction Underway:
The houses (casita’s) and Yoga Deck are being built in harmony with nature and the land. Also there will be additional gardens to support a natural life style to support healthy eating & low impact on the damage to the environment. In addition retreats will be smaller for more individual attention.  Size will be between 10 and 20 people.

LCY in Costa Rica

From our personal travels, to the construction of our wellness center, we can't wait to connect with you in Costa Rica.