Let Go and Let God

In Sanskrit,the Crown Chakra is called Sahasrara,or thousand petaled lotus. Like a king or queen whose crown signifies order in the kingdom, the Crown Chakra represents the ruling principle of life- the place where the underlying order and meaning of all things is perceived. It is the pervading consciousness that thinks, reasons, and gives form and focus to our activities. It is the true essence of Being as the awareness that dwells within. In the unconscious, it is the wisdom of the body. In the conscious mind, it is the intellect and our belief systems. In the superconscious, it is awareness of the Divine.

Explore and experience the infinitely profound seat of cosmic consciousness known as the 7th Chakra or Crown Chakra. This Chakra connects us to divine intelligence and the source of all manifestation and spiritual illumination. It is the means through which we reach understanding and find meaning. As the final goal of our liberating current, it is the place of ultimate liberation.

We access different yoga practices to gain meaning and understanding as we turn our gaze of attention upon this miracle and enter the source of the Self. Once we gain meaning, we know better how to operate and flow with our innate energy and integrate our experiences into wholeness in daily life. Meaning links the individual to the universal, the true meaning of yoga.

Tap into the great field of consciousness of the Crown Chakra!

Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Energy Channels

Within us are planes of existence, areas of consciousness, which are in absolute darkness. How are you going to penetrate and illuminate them? It’s useless to talk about the different stages of consciousness. You must be able to experience them, like you experience the state of dreams or sleep.

When the pranic energy is aroused and awakened through the yogic practices, it is circulated to these dark areas of consciousness. Kind of like when you do a yoga pose and you feel all the awakened energy go to the side you did the pose on and the other side is so dull and almost lifeless in comparison. It’s the same with consciousness. Once the energy is circulated to the dark areas of consciousness the inner city is illuminated and you are reborn into a new dimension of existence!

Hatha yoga is practiced in order to initiate a process in this physical body whereby the pranic currents and mental forces which interact with each other in the scheme of life and existence may be transformed to higher consciousness and more creative intelligence. When the union of these takes place through hatha yoga an awakening takes place!

Learn about it and begin to experience these vital, transformative energy flows through a full day of yogic practices and awaken to your new dimension of existence.

This is an opportunity to experience the the experience of the meaning of the words Hatha Yoga!

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