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Our students tell us that our in depth approach to Yoga has the effect of going to church, the gym and the therapist all at once within each class as we explore different dimensions of our being! Yoga means the union of body, mind and spirit and the many practices of Yoga include and go beyond just physical exercise to unveil the wisdom of the soul. Foundation is always the starting point at LCY. We teach from the simple basics on up and explain clearly so as to create the environment for you, as the student, to have a direct experience of the higher dimensions of yourself as you listen to, honor and rejuvenate your body. In Yoga this higher dimension is called Higher Consciousness which is the clear, peaceful, intuitive state within you that is beyond your physical body and thinking mind. Nothing is ever pushed on you and the choice of what you receive is all about your own awareness and experience. We hope to meet you and serve you in the journey of Yoga as they share their ongoing Yoga experiences and the wisdom they have imbibed from all of their great teachers. If you are interested in life transformation on all levels then we are the teachers for you!

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We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary of Yoga Classes and Special Weekend Events!

Let's talk about your yoga journey and how you are seeking to unite your mind, body, and spirit!
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