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Kundalini / Mixed Level

Each class starts off with Kundalini Yoga to use Mantra’s, Chakra’s (energy centers), Breathing, Meditation & contemplation. This connects to a higher level of awareness and makes it easier to let go of the energies that aren’t really serving you anymore.

The Kundalini Yoga offers something that Hatha Yoga doesn’t and Hatha Yoga offers something that Kundalini Yoga doesn’t. Sri Ekan being a long term practitioner of both can blend these together to enhance both in a way that they can’t do by themselves. If you are a person that truly is interested in transformation and the evolution of your soul this is a class for you. After all Yoga is the union of the body mind and soul so why not go deeply into all of it. If you are brand new to yoga you’ll be much better of starting with our Yoga Basic class.

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