Kundalini / Mixed Level

Kundalini / Hatha Yoga Mixed Level classes  are a combination of 2 styles of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga uses

  • Mantra’s
  • Chakra’s (energy centers)
  • breathing practices (pranayama)
  • dhistis (focal points)
  • meditations & contemplation
  • bhanda’s (energy locks)

This connects to a higher level of awareness giving one ore clarity, energy and intuitive connection.  This makes it easier to let go of the energies that aren’t really serving you anymore.

Hatha Yoga uses hundreds of yoga poses.  These poses include categories like

  • hip opening
  • forward bends,
  • standing poses
  • twists
  • sitting poses
  • inversions.

A skilled teacher can give very specific alignment instructions to protect one from injury.  Hatha yoga also can physically clear the energy pathways throughout the whole body in addition giving one a clearer mind and intuitive connection.  This helps prepare one to go to higher levels to connect to the more subtle energies.

The Kundalini Yoga offers something that Hatha Yoga doesn’t. Hatha Yoga offers something that Kundalini Yoga doesn’t. Sri Ekan being a long term practitioner of both can bring the best of both worlds together.

In Hatha Yoga one may feel that was a very physical experience however I  is not enough meditation experience.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga one may feel there is not enough physical variety for instance there are no inversions or standing poses.

In conclusion Kundalini-hatha-yoga-mixed-level is a perfect blend for those to have more balance in the mind, body, spirit connection.

If you are a person that truly is interested in transformation and the evolution of your soul this is a class for you. After all Yoga is the union of the body mind and soul so why not go deeply into all of it. If you are brand new to yoga your may want to ease yourself in with our Yoga Basic class.. If you just want to jump in and go for it come take a class.

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