Divine Feminine Energy: Relating to Yoga

Feminine Energy is Divine Energy!

Lake Center Yoga provides a healing and sacred environment for you to truly enter into the Divine Energy that you are made of. There are thousands of meditation and yogic techniques in the ancient scriptures that help guide us to the energy of higher consciousness (Divine Energy).  Happiness in the inner and outer world is our ability to be able to handle life and flow with it without having to feel like life is bigger than you.  Your inner body becomes so expansive you feel bigger than life.  In that state you are anchored in your true nature and decision making about life comes from a clear intuitive knowing which keeps you centered and more relaxed even when the challenges of life arise.  This is to goal of yoga the integration of the male and female energies.

The Father of Yoga the great sage Patanjalli said asana’s (yoga poses) are only one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  Often people think if you become more feminine, spiritual side of yoga that you aren’t strong or that the physical workout in yoga isn’t addressed.  A strong physical practice (male energy) integrated with higher consciousness (female energy) is more integrated than either one alone.  When we access both the shakti (power) of the physical and the bhakti (devotion to higher consciousness) the harder poses become easier and easier poses have a lot more awareness in them.  When feminine energy is more integrated with the male energy one is much more conscious of what the best thing to do is.  This way you get a strong practice and learn how not to injure yourself or go beyond your capacity.  Feminine energy teaches you how to find the perfect edge of a yoga pose that gives you the most maximum energetic balance without undue stress in the mind.

The physical part of the practice is very important to help us become a pure healthy container for the spirit.  One then is able to perceive and receive intuitive knowing of what balance truly is.  The balance of the male and female energy is the goal of yoga and the goal of life.  This union sometimes called the union of Shiva/Shakti or male/female union.  Even the word Hatha in Hatha Yoga means the balance of the Sun (masculine energy) and the Moon (feminine energy).  In Kundalini Yoga the Kundalini Energy is the dormant energy (feminine energy) hidden in the base of the spine so the spine becomes very important to be aware of.  Yoga in a lot of cases in America has lost these deeper sort of awareness and has just boiled down to a physical exercise.  Even so physical exercise is very good for anybody but not really a definition of yoga.  The male energy has become dominate just as we see in the outer world in today’s society.  At the same time something is changing globally.  Most people are becoming tired of the way government and large corporations are trying to control through power, rigid rules and fear.  People want to be free of the dominating male energy and allow more of who they really are to be expressed in the world.  This has to be done in a peaceful way for all to be happy. The pattern is changing and the ancient teachings of yogic scriptures are guiding us in the modern world.  Sat Nam (True Reality) is our innate birth right.  The real yoga power is arising from the power within which is the true male energy which can stay focused on the divine feminine in the hearts of everyone.  Something magical is happening now a days and we encourage everyone to get in touch with the deeper aspects of yourself that is guiding you in that direction.

Lake Center Yoga specializes in the integration of the male and the female energies in all the asana’s.  All classes start with an opening up to the feminine or divine energy by using sounds and vibrations with ancient mantra’s and yogic mudra’s to practice stilling the mind (masculine energy) and being receptive to higher levels of consciousness which is clarity, blissfulness and the intuitive mind that arises out of stillness (feminine energy).  During classes the teachers will remind you through a spiritual type theme and the breath to integrate a deeper experience while doing the yoga poses.  This practice prepares us to manage life’s stresses from a higher level of perception (feminine energy).  Stress is a male energy out of balance with female perception.  We are all both energies.  When these evolve more toward balance is when our life will evolve beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Everyone is welcome to come to our Yoga Basic Class Series to learn proper alignment and way more in the poses, or just come to a regular class to try out an experience of how to integrate these energies.  This balance of these energies re-establishes our connection with our True Nature. This brings the ultimate peace, freeing us from imbalanced male energy which is the part of us that operates out of fear, excessive sexual energy and worry and distorts the true power of our highest potential.

The gift of being a human being is the choice we have to raise our consciousness to another level like no other creature on the earth can. Operating at this higher frequency brings the natural innate gifts we all have inside to the outer material world.  It is obvious the biggest disease we face in the world today is the lack of the balance.

Sat Nam and Namaste,
Nirgunavathi & Sri Ekan

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