LCY  Yoga Retreat from May 6-13th, 2023

Greetings Dear Dedicated LCY Yogi’s & Yogini’s,

We are sending a memo to our most loyal Kundalini Yoga students to give you the first opportunity to register for our first Lake Center Yoga retreat at our place in the beautiful Blue Zone of Nosara, Costa Rica this coming May, 2023!  There are only five Blue Zones in the world where the environment and lifestyle support much of the population in living healthfully to over 100 years of age.  Our Lake Center Yoga extension in Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula just happens to be in one of the five Blue Zones in the world.  Just to be in the energy vortex of that amazing jungle area will fill you with the Pura Vida Prana and then add on to that a week of Kundalini/Hatha Yoga/Chanting & Meditating Practices along with healthy, delicious vegan meals and you will be transformed to The Blue Zone level for sure!  Nosara is also known as a quaint yoga, surf and healthy eating mecca so even that vibe all around you adds to the retreat experience!

As of January 1st we will open the retreat to more people outside of our studio.  We are only going to have a maximum of 8 people so seniority & attendance will play a role if more than 8 students sign up from LCY.  We are offering a  super deal for this first retreat.  All lodging, food and classes will be covered for 7 days for the $1600 early bird special by February 1st, $1700 by March 1st, $1800 by April 1st.  If you want a private room add $300 all other rooms are shared with one person.  You can pick a roommate ahead of time if you like.  Refunds will be available until April 1st minus 10% administration fee.   You will need to cover your flight and shuttle to get to Nosara.  We can help guide you on the flight and shuttle options.  To hold your spot a $100 non-refundable deposit is required that will be deducted off of the final payment.

We will have at least 2 yoga classes per day and go to the gorgeous beaches everyday if possible depending on the weather. There are 3 different beaches we will visit along with exploring the surf/yoga village of Guiones.  There may be one afternoon where you can go off on your own for an extracurricular activity such as Ziplining over the jungle, a horseback ride on the beach or visiting the local Monkey Sanctuary.  You must commit to a vegan diet which we will all help prepare as part of the retreat.  We will also go out to eat at two great vegan restaurants, Luv Burger and Naked Foods.  This is a wonderful opportunity to feel the energizing and health giving effects of a plant based, cruelty free, vegan diet for a whole week as well as learning preparation.  This is what is saving us the most money so we can offer the retreat at such a good rate.  It’s very expensive to have food catered to us.  It will be so much fun too enjoying our good company and having all our great yogic energy in the food we prepare!

We look forward to being in a more intimate setting for Yoga together with our LCY family and to have a life changing experience.  2023 will be a big year in astrology for big changes.  5 major planets, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu are all changing houses which means big changes in your life.  Also the retreat is staring on a lunar eclipse (new windows of opportunity, lunar eclipses are more inward as well).  PERFECT!  These big astrological changes & deep contemplation will assure a life changing event.  We will also  spend time delving into our astrological charts, dreams, Chakra’s, sharing & questions & answers. as part of our retreat week. 

We will have a great time together and we are guaranteed to come back a transformed person will transform your perspective of your life.  We would love to have your glorious spirit come with us.   Please let me know if you have any questions. ( 

You can bring your non-refundable deposit of $100 to class or via the Buy Now button below to hold your spot.

With Light & Love,

Sri Ekan & Nirgunavathi