Yoga Longwood – Why Choose Lake Center Yoga? Yoga Classes Near Me

/Yoga Longwood – Why Choose Lake Center Yoga? Yoga Classes Near Me

Yoga Longwood – Why Choose Lake Center Yoga? Yoga Classes Near Me

When you think of Yoga in the Orlando area, you may think of locations like Winter Park, Dr. Phillips or nearer downtown. But yoga Longwood? Those two words don’t necessarily leap to the front of most people’s minds. When looking for a yoga studio, you probably think, “I’m looking for yoga classes near me”.

Lake Center Yoga Longwood is the longest-established yoga studio in the Orlando area. Why do the students here say they have chosen Lake Center as their studio? If you like, you can view what they say on our testimonials page, on Yelp or on our Google + page. Or read the section below.

Why Do People Love Lake Center Yoga Longwood?

  1. I learned proper alignment that helped me improve or heal longstanding injuries.


“I first came to Lake Center Yoga after being severely injured. I could barely move and function. After 12 years of their patience and guidance I am much improved and am living a good life. After moving away from the studio 2 1/2 years ago, I now travel over 100 miles a day two times per week to Lake Center Yoga to maintain my health and practice. I know it is worth it!” — Gregg

  1. The most experienced teachers in the Orlando area.


“Sri Ekan and Nirgunavathi  . . . have been practicing yoga for 36 and 31 years, respectively. (From what I’ve seen, the average length of practice for any teacher in Orlando has got to be ten years, if that.)   I left the class feeling high as a kite and with knowledge that complemented my current practice.” –Jessica

  1. Feel welcome and part of a yoga community.


“It is the most inviting, loving place that I have ever been. New people are treated as new friends, and the path of yoga is presented and explained in easy to understand interpretations for our modern world and life challenges we face daily.” –Sue

  1. Spirituality is important in yoga — and Lake Center Yoga has supported me in that.


“One cannot help but be more enlightened just by attending one class; as it is how I felt! It keeps me going back and wanting more!” –Stephanie


“I now practice dozens of asanas, engage in daily meditation and have brought a sense of mindfulness to my life that has completely turned everything around.” –Bryan

  1. My life is better now.


“It has not only helped me physically but spiritually by changing my perspective in things as well as seeing life as more meaningful and has made me more peaceful with myself and the world around me.” — Kim

  1. Its where I can take time to find myself.


“In my non-stop routine, with Sri and Nirgunavathi at Lake Center Yoga I regroup and get in contact with myself.” –Susi

  1. Can’t wait for the monthly one-day yoga retreats.


“The retreats are such a blissful day of deepening my practice while nourishing my body, mind, and soul.” — Melissa

  1. Love the beautiful view of the lake!


“I love to look out at the lake while doing yoga, especially at sunset.” — Quinn


If you are anywhere near Longwood and what you have just read interests you, give us a call at 407-831-2229, email us at or better yet . . .

Try Out Lake Center Yoga Longwood for Yourself . . .

Sign Up For a Class!
Sign Up For a Class!

Where Are Lake Center Yoga Longwood Students From?

If like a lot of people, you are thinking, “I’m  looking for yoga classes near me”, Lake Center Yoga Longwood has students in its classes from the following cities:

Altamonte Springs

Lake Mary


Winter Springs





Ormond Beach


Waterford Lakes area


New Smyrna


Winter Park

College Park

Fern Park


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Barry Sowder
Barry has practiced at Lake Center Yoga since its beginning over 17 years ago. He took extensive teacher training directly from Anusara Yoga founder John Friend as well as other leading Anusara-certified teachers including Sri Ekan and Doug Keller. He specializes in teaching the foundational principles of yoga. Barry was licensed as an Avatar Master in 2006 which has had a profound influence on his spiritual approach in yoga and his life. Questions? Contact Barry at

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