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Yoga for Beginners in Longwood

There is an art to teaching yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga classes should be fun and teach the basic fundamentals of yoga such as:

– Learn the Universal Principals of Alignment
– Learn how to apply the principals per pose
– Feel the poses as a whole – safely, powerfully

– When to breathe thru the nose or mouth
– How to direct the breath
– How to move with the breath
– How breath moves energy

– A list of poses to start a home practice
– How to do every pose on the list
– Varying your list of poses

– Poses that are good for your injuries
– Poses that will energize you
– Poses that will relax you
– Poses that will balance you

– How to do simpler variations of poses
– Working your way up to poses safely

– Sanskrit – what and why
– Tuck your tailbone, melt your heart? What?
– Names of most common poses

– The difference between pain and a good stretch
– Our Motto: No pain, no pain.
– Hugging muscles, extending bones for a good stretch
– Breathing for a safer stretch

– Stretching with proper alignment heals
– The healing power of the breath

– What is spirituality?
– Yoga’s spiritual roots
– How spirituality empowers your yoga

Why Start Yoga for Beginners Today?

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Yoga for Beginners for Kids Benefits

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We cover those topics and more in our Yoga Basics classes.
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Yoga Basics

Lake Center Yoga Longwood has been teaching yoga for beginners for over 18 years. We have it down to a fine art that we keep refining on a weekly basis in our Yoga Basics class.  Yoga Basics is a six-week course.

The basis of our teachings are inspired by a school called Anusara® Yoga. We have expanded our instructions from there.

We cover one basic but important principal per week for the first four weeks. We then review and put everything together over the last two weeks. Since spirit is an important part of the body, mind, spirit approach of yoga, we have a spiritual theme for each class.

Here is a brief Yoga Basics class outline and the principals taught:

Yoga Basics

Week 1: Principal  – Opening to Grace While Setting a Foundation
Spiritual Theme: Remembering We Are Connected to a Greater Power
Long Term Benefits:
– Ability to tap into a greater self
– Gain awareness that the body is a home for the spirit
– Feel more grounded in your body
– Feel calmer
– Learn to breathe in a way that makes everyday life more of an adventure

Week 2:  Principal  –  Muscular Energy / Organic Energy
Spiritual Theme:  Balancing Effort and Surrender
Long Term Benefits:
– Makes us stronger
– Makes us more flexible
– Balances our unbalanced energies
– Helps us to organize our efforts in everyday life
– Helps us to be more energetic and connect with others

Week 3:  Principal  –  Inner and Outer Spiral of the Legs
Spiritual Theme:  Directing Energy to Higher Levels
Long Term Benefits:
– Open, strengthen and self-heal the back
– Makes challenging poses seem easy
– Disperses our trapped energies throughout our body so that it is ready to be used for greater things

Week 4:  Principal  –  Inner and Outer Spiral of the Arms
Spiritual Theme:  Our Ability to Give and Receive
Long Term Benefits:
– Relief and protection from neck, shoulder, arm and wrist pain and injuries
– Increased ability to receive life’s gifts
– Increased ability to share with others

Week 5:   Sun Salutations
Spiritual Theme:  Moving Forward while Honoring Ourselves
Long Term Benefits:
– Learn to better flow with life
– Increased self confidence
Sun Salutations Positions

Week 6:  Put All the Poses Together and Review
Long Term Benefits:
– Greater clarity in what yoga is really all about
– A home yoga practice that fits you
– A plan for yoga for the rest of your life

You may have noticed something from the benefits listed above. We feel that it is important that you learn things in our classes that you will take away to make your everyday life better on several levels. If that were not the case, we would not be teaching yoga.

Some of the long term benefits you will begin to notice right away. Others will take time, repetition and refinement — after all, it is called a yoga practice. That is true yoga for beginners.

Yoga for Beginners – Not Just for the Flexible or Fit

Some people think beginners yoga is only for flexible or fit people. That’s like saying weight lifting is only for strong people or that eating well is only for healthy people.

Please come as you are. We honor everyone no matter what your physical attributes are right now. You will gently be shown how to do poses in a way that works for you. You may find you are unable to do a certain pose due to an injury or other physical limitation. If so, our highly-trained teachers will show you a variation of the pose or another pose that you will be able to do.  That is our promise.

Our classes are a competition-free zone where you can relax, have fun and be yourself!

More General Questions About Beginners Yoga?

If you have any more general questions about yoga for beginners, wonder if you are ready for yoga, or are curious about what some yoga terms such as Namaste mean, visit our FAQ page and you will be enlightened!

To see our fees and policies and guidelines for attending classes as well as yoga etiquette, visit our fees and policies page.

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Beginners Yoga - Your Next Step

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If you have any questions at all, perhaps concerning scheduling, injuries, etc, please call us at 407-831-2229 or email us at We would love to get to know you.

Where Our Yoga Beginners Come From

Students in our Yoga Basics beginners yoga class come from Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Winter Springs, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Orlando, Sanford and other surrounding areas.

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