This week at LCY the Yoga 101 Class learns how to empower the upward moving energy through the nervous system and the spine with the alignment principles of Inner and Outer Spiral of the Legs applied in poses and with suggestions on how to apply them in everyday movements.  These opposite actions also bring grounding to the legs and expansion of spirit as well as protection for the low back and knees and alignment that will prevent or help Sciatica.

The Ongoing Experienced Yoga, Beginning, Yin Yoga and Slow & Glow Yoga Classes this week will enter the central plumb line of the body via Yoga Sutra 3.7 as the theme to bring clarity and focus. Using hip openers, forward bends, and standing and seated poses with perhaps an inversion and a Sundial Pose you will find yourself in the central channel of your body called the Sushumna Nadi. From that inner space of awareness you can more truthfully and effectively dial into your Life!

Yoga Sutra 3.7 is translated as: The last 3 Limbs of Yoga, Dharana (focus on an auspicious thing, person or ideal), Meditation (concentration on that focus), and Samadhi (blissful absorption) are more direct aids to Self Realization than the first 5 Limbs of Yoga which are more exterior. Those first 5 Limbs of Yoga are: Yamas-outer restraints, Niyamas-inner observances, Asana-strengthening of the body through yoga poses in order to sit for meditation and hold the powerful spiritual energy, Pranayama-strengthening of the nervous system through breathing practices, Pratyahara- the practice of turning the attention on the outer material world inward.

The Friday Night Meditation Class will take us more deeply inward via all 8 Limbs of Yoga but particularly the last 3 inner oriented Limbs of Yoga.

Come join us and discover more of yourself!