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Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.5


We’ve been doing a lot of practice on concentration. Normally we concentrate on one thing but our attention jumps around.  Just feel like you are focused but your attention is diffused. It’s aware of everything but still focused. It’s aware of everything but not jumping around. All the attention is subdued to motionlessness. Like looking at a diamond. You see the cacets of the diamond. then the light of the diamond, then the diamond disappears. When that happens you are at the essence of the diamond and that’s Samadhi. The mind, intelligence and consciousness is all intermingled. We bring them all together in Yoga, that’s Samyama. the three fold practice of Dharana, focus, Dhyana, meditation and Samadhi, absorption in a chosen object or state of consciousness. When that happens you get a glimpse of the light. the luster of wisdom shines brightly. Like when a disciple focuses on the Guru’s state with Samyama and takes on the higher qualities of consciousness through that one pointed focus.

Invoke the intention for that Light to shine from you today as a result of that 3 fold practice of Samyama.

Short meditation
As you go deeper in the body, you don’t notice the body. You notice the Light, your true essence. It’s our concentration that takes us deeper inside ourselves. That’s the point of yoga practice, to find our Self through our bodies and our breath.

Through the mastery of 3 part process samyama, higher consciousness is visible.


tad = of that
jayat = achievement, mastery
prajna = light of knowledge, transcendental insight, higher consciousness
lokah = flashes, illumines, becomes visible, dawns
If we focus on limitations of personality, life has all these problems and preferences that is what we will experience.
Good to remember we are already have this higher state of samadhi inside.  We develop perfect concentration as we meditate.  This is just the beginning.  As we master samyama (dharana, dhyana, samadhi) the light of  knowledge dawns.  Helps break up our experiences, moods, mind sets & preconceived  ideas and we become more adaptable to whatever happens by skillful concentrations.

Chant The Sutra

Short Meditation
Dhyana, focus or concentration Dhyana- meditation Samadhi- deep absorption. These are the 3 parts of Samyama that lead to true wisdom about an object or ideal.

Normally we are so scattered we get stressed out. When we can have concentration we have a glimpse of the peace and Light of the soul. Why would we want to do that? Because we would be trained not to react. We go from living on the surface of life and reacting to a deep peace of feeling good, then all of life starts feeling good. Think of the word God coming from the word good. If you are feeling good, you are feeling God. In yoga practice we go to a deep absorption in the pose through the body and the breath rather than getting trapped in the temporary aches and pains.

Let the attention feel diffused yet you are fully alert. This gives you a sense of relaxed awareness. A stressed mind jumps from one thing to another. When you have Samyama it breaks up pre-conceived ideas. You become more adaptable so its good to practice Samyama daily. concentration leads to meditation on the object leads to absorption, leads to the light of knowledge of that object.

Asana Practice-Blissful Backbend Practice

Supta Baddha Konasana with block low under sacrum and high under head- Breathe in the light and out the light at the same time.

happy baby

Side Twist- letting the body know we’re getting ready to do yoga

cat/cow 4x then circular movement both ways

Downd Dog- stretch in your own way and locate any area of tension to stretch out that may prevent Samyama on the inner Light

Down dog- lift heels up and down 3x

Plank- upper arms rotate out, wiggle feet back

down dog

Plank- stretch back throught the heels and forward throught he crown, lengthn long

down dog- hips high and back

Uttanasana to ardha uttanasana 3x then hold elbows and sway

Down dog- lift heels, bend knees, come down 1/2 way then stretch the heels back and hands forward as you straighten your legs.

Surya Namaskars:

#1 Jump to uttanasana, Tadasana, right leg back lunge, anjaneayasana, then hands to front thigh and push thigh away as you backbend, 3 leg down dog right leg in the air, drop the foot over and circle the ankle both ways. Down dog, right leg forward anjaneaysana, hands to thigh press away as you lift the heart up and back. lunge, uttanasana tadasana

#2 Uttanasana left leg lunge, anjaneayasana, hands to knee, press forward, arch back, down dog, left leg in the air, circle ankle, then stretch back straight and swing frowrar to lunge, anjaneayasana, hand to thigh press forward and lift heart, lunge, uttanasana, tadasana

#3 Uttanasana to utkatasana to uttanasana, right leg back lunge twist, lunge, dd, plank, lower knees, lower, sphinx to cobra, hands back higher cobra, lower, up dog, down dog, left leg up and over touch glutes with foot, then left leg lunge to cresecent, clasp hands behind, slide the fist down the back thigh, open the heart to the sky. steip op to clasped Warrior 3 lift the heart, step back to Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to mermaid arms warrior 2 to warrior 2 to lunge, down dog, lowe from plank, cobra or up dog, down dog.

right leg up and over, touch glutes, then straight beck and swing to lunge. sqeegee the back foot back some press through the heel and lift the heart, smile. Crescent pose, clasp the hands behind into a fist and slide the fist down the back thigh and lift he heart, release to vira 1 then vira 2 then clasp the hands behind the head for peaceful warrior, vira 2, lunge, down dog

left leg in the air stay there or drop that foot behind you for wild thing pose. then back to 3 legged dog left leg in the air. swing it to lunge, come up to crescent pose, clasp the hands behind stretch them down and back, step to Virabhadrasana 3 then back to vira 2, to peaceful warrior hands behind head clasped like mermaid pose, to vira 2 to lunge, to down dog to 3 leg down dog, stay there or drop that foot behind you to the floor for wild thing pose. come back up to 3 leg dog with that leg in the air.

down dog, up dog, right leg in the air and forward to lunge, crescent, clasp hands behind, step to vira 3, then back to vira 2, peaceful warrior hands clasped behind head open up side ribs and intercostal muscles, vira 2 lunge down dog, plank, lower, cobra, down dog, right leg up, wild thing, 3 leg dog right leg forward lunge, crescent. big crescent, curl back like a c shape. clasp hands behind and slide them down the back thigh, keep stretching hands back and up as you go to vira 3, lift the heart, step back to vira 2, peaceful warrior, vira 2, lunge, down dog, plank, lower, cobra, down dog

childs pose- read sutra

playful puppy, anantahasana-reach arems forward, hips over knees, melt heart between the arms, chin on floor,

down dog

1 more flow to get the back body points nice and limber

fly the left leg up and over then forward and over to the right tricep, back up and high and over then again to the right tricep, one more time and hold then shoot your right leg out to the right to rock star pose. stretch your right hand up and backbend open,

down dog left leg up and froward for lunge, drop the back knee get bloscks and make your spine tall. shoulders bac, walk the blocks back , lower as needed, open the heart, press into the blocks, hips are low, heart is high

walk the blocks forward just ahead of your hips, take your left hand to the right block and reach the right hand back and grab the right foot. if you can’t reach the back foot you can lasso it with a strap. let go and drop your bakc leg.

press your left knee out and reach the right foot with the left hand. once you have hold of the foot, kick it back like a bow pose. then press it in to the hip.

down dog, fly the left leg in the air, keep it in the air if you can and come to plank, lower to the floor, up dog, down dog

Right leg up and to lunge for 3 breaths, release back knee to the floor, hold the blocks, heart up and back, hips forward and down, mover the blocks back and lower as far as you can. press strongly into the blocks, bakbend, walk the blocks forward, take the right hand to the left block. the left hand gets the abck foot. press the foot back for a backbend then into the hip, get a strap if needed.

Last round

down dog right leg up and over, strait back and swing it to the inside of the front hand. move the right foot to the right and point it out a little. take the left hand to a block and grab the left foot with the right hand, press back for the backbend then forward for a quad stretch.

3 leg down dog, right leg in the air and drop in back in the air behind you, straighten it, stay there or keep it in the air and come to plank and lower, cobra or up dog, down dog

childs pose.

playful puppy, arms down hips high, relax the head

slither all the way ot on your belly like a snake

Salambhasana- clasp hands behind you. left the chest streatch the arms back, left the feet and stretch back. lean back as you look over the horizon. get up higher, spread your toes, the crown of thehead goes forward as the toes stretch back behind you. release,

childs pose

shoulder work come on to the belly again

pencil pose- slide your right hand strait out to the side and roll on the side like a pencil.. stay there or look down at your feet and move your feet to the other side of the mat. stay there or stamp your left foot behind you. stay there or stamp your right foot next to the left one. your lower body is in a bridge pose and your upper body is in a twist. take a few more breaths, close your eyes. roll back on your belly.

salambhasana- clasp hands behind you again, round 2 salambhasana, stretch up the chest, lift up, breathe, lift the legs as highas you can.

childs pose

pencil pose other side- (above)

down dog to right leg pigeon , press the back foot into the hip

down dog left pigeon press

down dog strap back leg hold strap overhead both sides

down dog

childs pose

to wall

ropes to middle,

Pincha Mayurasana prep or full

childs pose

down dog right leg pigeon to mermaid pose

down dog left leg pigeon to mermaid pose

down dog

childs pose


down dog

Urdva danurasana

down dog




on back

supta padangustasana

happy baby

supta baddha konasana



supta balasana

The mind, body, and brain all relax together. Samyama is when they all come together. Then there is that transcendental insight, that dawning of the Light. You get a flash, a taste. keep developing your perfect concentration which isn’t spacing out or drifting away. Be fully alert while fully relaxed. We’re not used to doing it. It takes practice. When you remember, come back to that perfect concentration. After awhile it will become steady. When you can stay there for awhile you’ll get the flash. Merge into the Light of your Being with that steady concentration.

Coming out of Savasana
Feel deep inside while staying fully relaxed. From that space of depth, allow the breat to come in deeply. Stay in that concentration you had in Savasana and come to a comfortable seated pose.


After Yoga you feel that diffusion instead of all the stress we get when we go from one thing to the next to the next. That leads to stress, negativity and drama that is created by us. Instead we drop into our True nature of Samadhi, absorbed bliss. It’s always there, you just have to have concentration on it.


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,




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Nirgunavathi Ananda
Nirgunavathi has studied yoga for 32 years in France, India and the U.S. She has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend since 1998 and was licensed as an Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. She is delighted to offer the Yoga Sutras and other life enhancing yogic themes in her playfully serious alignment based Anusara Yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga.

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