Live life more skillfully by cultivating your Venus energy to make choices to evolve your Self at this full day yoga and meditation retreat at Lake Center Yoga on Sunday, August 3, 2014 from 9:30a.m.-4:30p.m.

Venus is the planet of Love, Romance and Affection.  Venus is the planet of Art, Beauty and Appearance. Venus is the planet of Value, Price and Finance. Venus is the planet of Guidance and Teaching. Venus is the planet of Balance, Agreements and Compromise. Venus represents our Inner Desire to be Good manifesting as Love of God and devotional practices such as Bhakti Yoga.

After this day of well-rounded yogic practices you will leave with a full understanding and radiant glow of your Venus energy!

The Early Yogi Discount of $65 is available through next Wednesday, July 30th. Included in the retreat is a delicious Vegan Greek Feast of Cucumber “Feta” Salad, Spanikopita (spinach pie), Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), Fahkehs (red lentil soup), Bulgar Pilaf with Currants, Greek Salad, Sri’s famous Hummus, and Mint tea.

Please see the Retreat page to register and/or see the description of the retreat day below the registration.  You must have taken at least one six week session at Lake Center Yoga so that we know you have a good foundation of alignment in your practice and that you like this style and that we are familiar with any injuries or chronic health issues you may have.

We will be taking a two week vacation starting the day after this retreat so come and get a great dose of yoga and meditation before that.

May we all celebrate the beautiful energy of Venus in our lives~