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If you don’t know your exact birth time, see if you can find out by checking your birth certificate, baby books or people that might know. You can send this in later by email.

Privacy Policy: The information on this form will not be shared with anybody without your consent.  For example, if another student wants your email we will ask you first or email you their request. 

If you have any problem submitting this form . . .

please call us at 407-831-2229 or email us at

NEXT STEPS: If you haven’t already,

  1. Visit the Class Schedule page and pay for your classes, or
  2. Pay at the door instead. Payment options: Cash, check, credit card.
  3. Visit the FAQ page if you want to know more
  4. Show up for class 10 minutes early to have plenty of time to settle in. Showing up on time is 90% of your success in yoga!
  5. Have fun!