New Session Begins Today with The Eight Limbs of Yoga

/New Session Begins Today with The Eight Limbs of Yoga

New Session Begins Today with The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Today we begin a new Six Week Session which will be the last session before we take our Spring Break from Monday, March 30th-Sunday,April 12th in case you want to up your yoga practice to create more pools of energy to carry you through those two weeks. Please register before your first class by PayPal here on the website or by check, cash or credit card at the studio.

Asana Classes
This week we begin our study of The Eight Limbs of Yoga from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Our class theme will be on Yoga Sutra 2.30, the first limb of yoga,The Yamas, or outer disciplines to live in society. They happen naturally when we are grounded in our own Truth. We will focus our Asana Practice to stabilize us in our Truth from which to live, with a solid foundation of the hands, feet and breath opening to the power of Grace supporting us as well as getting more internal core strength with abdominal work.

Friday Night Meditation Class
Asana or yoga poses are the third limb of yoga simply meant to prepare the body to be strong and open to receive the Kundalini Energy in sitting for meditation. Don’t miss the Juice of Yoga that is the nectar of meditation! This Juice becomes more and more nectarian and intoxicating over time and practice. In this class we also focus more on the subtle limbs of yoga from the third limb to the eighth limb, Samadhi, Eternal Bliss, your Truth!

Full Day Yoga Retreat
Registration for our next Full Day Astro-Yoga and Meditation Retreat at LCY on Sunday, March 1st will open this week, yay! We’ll let you know when the registration page is available on the website.

Namaste, have an awesome day and see you in class~
Nirgunavathi & Sri Ekan

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Nirgunavathi has studied yoga for 32 years in France, India and the U.S. She has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend since 1998 and was licensed as an Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. She is delighted to offer the Yoga Sutras and other life enhancing yogic themes in her playfully serious alignment based Anusara Yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga.

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