Yoga Workshop – What Kind Would You Prefer During the Break?

/Yoga Workshop – What Kind Would You Prefer During the Break?

Yoga Workshop – What Kind Would You Prefer During the Break?

We will be offering a two-part yoga workshop during the upcoming Lake Center Yoga Summer Break. Help us choose which one – a pair of  Yoga Basics Workshops or a pair of Yin Yoga Workshops – by filling out the survey at the bottom of this page.

What You Need to Know First . . .

Here are the times:

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 from 10 am – 12 noon — Either Yoga Basics Workshop Part 1 or Yin Yoga Workshop Part 1.

Saturday, August 29th, 2015 from 10 am – 12 noon — Either Yoga Basics Workshop Part 2 or Yin Yoga Workshop Part 2.

Price: $20 per yoga workshop part or
$35 for both workshop parts if paid in advance.

Teacher: Barry Sowder – the Yoga Basics 2-part workshop he taught during the Spring Break was well-received:

“Ricard and I loved today’s session! Barry is a excellent teacher and I learned a few new things that I had yet to fully reinforce. Ricard said that it is the first time he has taken a yoga class and left without any pain whatsoever!

I highly recommend these two workshops!”

Pauline P.
“Yes the workshop was awesome, like a breath of fresh air! Going back to our roots of Yoga is refreshing! Everyone would benefit from these classes I believe. Can’t wait till Saturdays class. Thank you again for your love and support.”
Gary S.
“I had a marvelous time. Barry is an excellent teacher of yoga basics. It was great to be reminded to have a beginners mind and even better review of Universal principles. I love all my excellent teachers but it is refreshing to get a different view point. Thanks so much to Barry for teaching and to Nirgunavathi and Sri Ekan for making this workshop available! I will definitely be there next week!!”
Stefani C.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is perhaps best understood by contrasting it to its Yang. Of course Yin and Yang are, as simply put as possible, complementary opposites. This is its symbol:


The white area represents yang, the black yin.

Most hatha yoga, including what we do at Lake Center Yoga, is Yang — effortfull with some fire and movement. Yang type yoga is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles while stabilizing and protecting the connective tissues of the joints without stretching them at all. These connective tissues include, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Yin Yoga by contrast is designed to safely stretch the connective tissues of the joints including the spine and sacrum. Yin Yoga is similar to restorative poses in that they are generally held for anywhere from 2- 10 minutes. Yin poses are passive compared to the active Yang poses.

Yin Yoga is a highly-recommended complement to Yang poses. My belief is that soon most yoga practitioners will add Yin Yoga to their routine to balance out their body, mind and spirit. It is being offered by more yoga studios every day.

If you attended a class at LCY from July 27 – August 2 you experienced some great Yin poses supplemented by pranayama breathing. If you loved these classes you will love Yin Yoga.

For more information, see

Yoga Workshop Survey Please!

Please fill out this survey to let us know which yoga workshop (if any) you will actually register for and attend. This will let us know which workshop to offer.

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As soon as we have the survey results, we will email you. Then you will be able to register for the preferred workshop online at

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About the Author:

Barry Sowder
Barry has practiced at Lake Center Yoga since its beginning over 17 years ago. He took extensive teacher training directly from Anusara Yoga founder John Friend as well as other leading Anusara-certified teachers including Sri Ekan and Doug Keller. He specializes in teaching the foundational principles of yoga. Barry was licensed as an Avatar Master in 2006 which has had a profound influence on his spiritual approach in yoga and his life. Questions? Contact Barry at

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