Joyful Backbends

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Joyful Backbends

Join us in asana classes this week for a focus on Backbending Poses along with Yoga Sutra 3.5.

This Sutra says when we combine focus, concentrated meditation and blissful absorption into an object or ideal that is a Samyama which results in the true wisdom of that object or ideal.

Backbends relieve anxiety and stress, bring your spine back into it’s natural flexion, relieve chronic back and neck pain, improve breathing, help with insomnia, compress and flush the kidneys, encourage bravery and trust among many other benefits. The benefits of backbends are endless.

Come and apply Samyama into your practice and receive illumination of wisdom for your soul!

About the Author:

Nirgunavathi Ananda
Nirgunavathi has studied yoga for 32 years in France, India and the U.S. She has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend since 1998 and was licensed as an Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. She is delighted to offer the Yoga Sutras and other life enhancing yogic themes in her playfully serious alignment based Anusara Yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga.

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