Inversion Week this Week!

/Inversion Week this Week!

Inversion Week this Week!

Greetings Great Yogis & Yoginis,

Welcome to Week 4 of our current session!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to all who donated their time and energy (more than we predicted, lol) to posing in many, many asanas for our film maker nephew Sean Benson. We will have new photos showing them in all their glory as representatives of Lake Center Yoga in all sorts of formats known and unknown at this moment 🙂

Please join us in Yoga 1, Yoga 1-2 and Yoga 2 Classes this week for a full spectrum practice with a focus on Inversions. Inversions give great benefits to the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous and endocrine systems. Check out this fantastic link for some really wonderful information on the benefits of inversions!

This week’s Yoga Basics Classes will focus on the alignment of the arms to reverse the effects of gravity (slouching) by engaging and strengthening the upper back, create strong arms, heart and protect the neck. They will learn how to activate the proper alignment of the upper body in Asanas (Yoga Poses) and throughout their daily life.

You May Also Enjoy:
Wednesday Night 7:30pm – Vedic Astrology Class with Sri Ekan
Friday Night 5:45pm – Yin Yoga with Lisa
Friday Night 7:30pm – Meditation with Sri Ekan (by Donation)

Yoga Is The Fountain of Youth

Yogis in India have experimented with their own bodies and breath in search of enlightenment for at least 5,000 years. What they came to understand about themselves was a direct result of sustained self-study and contemplation, or svadhyaya.

In their stringent meditation and aesthetic practices, over the slow unfolding of days and months and years, they came to know and love the deep, enduring movements in the body—the pulse and rhythm of fluids and electric charges—and put exercises, images, and language to those movements, so we could follow. This is how Yoga Poses came about!

Come and cultivate the Fountain of Youth in you this week at LCY~

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Nirgunavathi Ananda
Nirgunavathi has studied yoga for 32 years in France, India and the U.S. She has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend since 1998 and was licensed as an Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. She is delighted to offer the Yoga Sutras and other life enhancing yogic themes in her playfully serious alignment based Anusara Yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga.

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