Immerse Yourself in Satya, Soul Truth To Express Life From

/Immerse Yourself in Satya, Soul Truth To Express Life From

Immerse Yourself in Satya, Soul Truth To Express Life From

Do you think you are doing Yoga because you do yoga poses?

Do you tell people you do yoga since you attend asana classes?

Well, the Truth (Satya, Truth, our theme for the week) is that you’re NOT doing yoga! Yoga is union of body, mind and spirit, not just about the body. Asanas, or yoga poses are a very small part of Yoga barely mentioned in the Yoga Sutras. Asana, the physical poses are the 3rd of the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

The beauty of LCY is that in our classes, although the focus is asana, we do touch on all the other 7 Limbs. It would be so incomplete not to. So in our classes you do actually go beyond the rampant, physical only asana classes which are actually NOT yoga. Most people can’t focus beyond the physical so you have to be at a more refined awareness to even come to LCY classes and go deeper.

However, in the Friday Night Meditation Classes the focus is even more on the higher consciousness limbs of yoga (Limbs 4-8) which the yogis consider to be actual yoga. These limbs are a balance to the physical asana practice. The purpose of the asana practice (the 3rd Limb of yoga) is to prepare the body to receive the enlightened energy of the upper 5 limbs of yoga. These upper limbs require a greater evolution of consciousness as they evolve you to an even higher level of consciousness.

We do practice about 20 minutes of asana to prepare for Pranayama (Breathing practices that balance the nervous system and quiet the Prana, the life force, which quiets the mind), Pratyahara(Awareness moving inward as a result of Pranayama), Dharana (Focusing techniques), Dhyana (Meditation), and Samadhi (The experience of Oneness) which makes it super rich, beyond asana only, to give you an experience of your Soul Truth from which to live. From that space your inner feelings align with your outer actions and there is union rather than a disconnect and inauthenticity.

Come and take yourself to a higher Consciousness than your mental, emotional, physical “existence” into your Soul Truth at Friday Night Meditation Class from 7:15pm-8:45pm~

Namaste & a “Living from your Truth”  filled day~

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Nirgunavathi Ananda
Nirgunavathi has studied yoga for 32 years in France, India and the U.S. She has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend since 1998 and was licensed as an Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. She is delighted to offer the Yoga Sutras and other life enhancing yogic themes in her playfully serious alignment based Anusara Yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga.

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