Class Overview

Improve your flexibility, focus, strength, energy and peace with Yoga!

The foundational structure of our classes is primarily based on the alignment oriented Anusara Yoga method.  Chiropractors and Physical Therapists love this therapeutic alignment for the health of the spine, bones, muscles and joints.  We also weave themes from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through the classes so that each student experiences a journey beyond the body that connects with the heart of Life.
Sri Ekan was certified in Anusara Yoga in 2001 and Nirgunavathi was licensed as an Anusara teacher in 2007 and both have decades of training in yoga philosophy, yoga history, biomechanics, anatomy, detailed postural alignment, adjusting, therapeutics and the art of teaching yoga.
Barry Sowder and Melissa Williams are long term students of Yoga and Lake Center Yoga and have a deep understanding of how to do yoga safely and make it fun for beginning to advanced students.

Yoga Class Descriptions — Choose the Right Class for You!

Come and expand the potential of your body, mind and spirit in these wonderful classes at Lake Center Yoga. The only things necessary for class are comfortable workout type clothes, an open mind, a good attitude and a willingness to enjoy where you are in the poses according to your capacity in each moment.

This class is for you if you are new to yoga, getting back into yoga, recovering from an injury, or looking to clear out “normal” aches and pains. During class a slower pace is used so the teacher can give more special attention and support. (If you fit this description but your schedule doesn’t match ours, call us at 407-831-2229 for an appropriate class that fits your schedule.)

In this class proper alignment is instructed in the poses along with deeper inner awareness than normal exercise. This class is very holistic and brings not only strength and openness to the body but also the awareness of connection to your own inner spirit. This teaches you how to be more centered in your true nature, which brings you to higher levels of happiness.

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This class is ideal for people who have been practicing yoga or feel they have completed Yoga 101 and would like to continue a slightly more advanced yoga class. This class can accommodate brand new people but the Yoga 101 or Slow and Glow classes are better for people new to yoga.

In On-going Beginning Yoga we begin to weave “the yoga of the mind”, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, into the classes along with excellent alignment instruction in the yoga poses. This class is very holistic and brings not only strength and openness to the body but also the wisdom of Yoga to everyday life. Registered students receive a Yoga Sutra Review and Home Practice at the end of each week.

If you are new to yoga and cannot attend the Yoga 101 or Slow and Glow classes, please contact us at 407-831-2229 and we can discuss coming to this class.

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The poses in these classes will be more advanced than in the Yoga 101 or On-going Beginning Yoga and will continue to build your strength, stamina and knowledge. Each week a new Patanjali Yoga Sutra is woven into the classes along with excellent alignment instruction in the poses. Every class offers an expansive and varied sequence of poses which will give you different physical and psychological benefits. Registered students receive a Yoga Sutra Review and Home Practice at the end of each week. If you have yoga experience you may drop in to these classes anytime.

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Would you like more ease and comfort in your spine, hips and sacrum? Yin Yoga is designed to safely target your connective tissues (e.g. ligaments, tendons, bones) and joints including the spine, hips and sacrum. This helps improve the range of motion of the joints and opens up blocked or slowed healing energy pathways.

Yin Yoga is similar to restorative poses in that they are generally held for anywhere from 2- 10 minutes. However Yin poses are usually more challenging than restorative ones. Yin poses are passive compared to the active Yang poses of most hatha yoga and flowing styles such as vinyasa. Yin is the other side, the complementary opposite of the yoga world.

Yin Yoga is a highly-recommended complement to Yang poses. Many yoga practitioners are adding Yin Yoga to their routine to balance out their body, mind and spirit.

All levels welcome – Beginners to advanced. Try it just once and you will love it!

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Start your Sunday out right by immersing yourself in some yoga juiciness! We will consciously connect our body and breathe, naturally going to a deeper place within. We will finish class with a short meditation, sending you off radiating from within to move throughout the rest of your day!

Welcome both beginner and seasoned yogis for this class!

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A perfect class to decompress from the week by relieving stress and restoring your self. This class goes into the deeper stress releasing aspects of yoga practices using mantras, pranayama (breathing practices) and a light floor asana set to recalibrate the nervous system and energy pathways in preparation for meditation.

Besides the profound effects of relaxing the mind, you will leave with a clearer perception of life and a heightened sense of awareness and inner bliss. This will help deepen your asana yoga practice and inspire you to meditate more at home. The Eight Limbs of Yoga remind us that yoga is much more than just the Third Limb: Asana. Yoga is whole system of transformation and Self-Realization.

The inner peace, tranquility and bliss you leave with is topped off with a vegan sweet treat for the road. Come and get younger and shine brighter by immersing yourself in the healing and powerful inner energy~

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These full day Astro Yoga & Meditation Retreats are amazing! The only pre-requisite is that you have been enjoying classes at Lake Center Yoga for at least six weeks. The retreats provide an awesome opportunity for you to give yourself a whole day “break from the world” to spend an entire day going in depth with the Eight Limbs of Yoga and many different yogic practices we don’t have time for in regular classes. Along with this we add the wisdom of Jyotisha Vedic Astrology for your inner contemplation and to help you see your strengths and weaknesses. You learn how to use your strengths and where you need to put more attention to strengthen those areas of weakness via different mantra’s and specific meditations to be used according to your needs.

The Fabulous Vegan Feast is a highlight of the retreat days. It is a multi course delicious homemade vegan lunch made in a Satvic (pure) way by Nirgunavathi with food from the huge Lake Center Yoga organic garden and her years of yogic cooking experience.Our knowledge of living a yogic lifestyle is meant to inspire everyone wanting to learn how to bring yoga into modern day life. These retreat days are the “cream of the crop” at Lake Center Yoga!

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These sessions give you the opportunity to work one on one with Sri Ekan addressing your individual wants and needs for your yoga practice. During this time you will receive instructions geared specifically to your body, adjustments, variations and special attention to any chronic injuries or circumstances. This can also be a life coaching session as you discuss lifestyle or any concerns you might have beyond asana practice. This is a time that can give you a fresh perspective and inspire you to be more excited about life!

Call 407-831-2229 with any questions, for more details or to schedule a session.

Lake Center Yoga is conveniently located for residents of Longwood, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Winter Springs, Casselberry, Maitland and the adjacent areas.

Why Do Students Love Our Classes?

  • Highly trained teachers with years of experience and training
  • Classes are fun and safe
  • Our classes put the Spirit back in Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Learn to adjust poses to your level of current ability
  • Students receive the class outline by email each week so they can practice at home.
You guys are the best! Not only because of your skills in Yoga and as teachers, but because you carry love in your hearts and you share it so freely.
Elena, Cirque du Soleil
Caring, competent, experienced teachers, friendly, uplifting atmosphere, and the most elegant, clear, heart-opening system of yoga.
Nirgunavathi & Sri Ekan at Lake Center Yoga touch the hearts and spirit of each student in each class.
Herb Cramer