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Don’t Be A “Yoga Sheep”

Don’t be a “yoga sheep” following the herded masses of so called yoga practitioners who stay stuck in the 3rd Limb of Yoga, Asana or yoga poses. Don’t forget the subtle perception of the Eighth Limb of Yoga- Self Realization and the practices to invoke that!  That is the big bottom of the yoga iceberg and most of real yoga. The other 7 Limbs of Yoga are practices to prepare us for this pinnacle of human life experience, Self-Realization.

The most familiar Limbs of Yoga the masses of “yoga sheep” do are the 3rd Limb, yoga poses or Asanas and maybe, maybe a little of the 4th Limb, Pranayama or breathing practices. In doing so they stay in the ignorance, density, competition and frustration of the body/mind vehicle and never progress to find the subtle perceptions leading to blissful Self-Realization of the True Self beyond the body/mind ego. In fact the […]

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Subtle Perceptions and Back Bending Poses

Join us this week in classes at Lake Center Yoga and open up to subtle perceptions within your own Being via Back Bending Poses & Yoga Sutra 1.35.

Most of us come to Yoga seeking sanctuary. We realize how important it is to briefly step away from the demands of life and relax into a spacious quality of mind that allows us to be with ourselves as we are, without judgment. Insulated from the racket of demands and from the need to rush, we become quiet enough to hear the stirrings of our hearts. In this act of opening to subtle perceptions within, we replenish our energy and inspiration.

Connecting with the Truth of our selves, our hearts, our muscles, and our level of energy in any given moment is the height of subtle perception which takes us to exalted states of Being. With this experience we can have a steady union […]

Go Supernova!

Here is a wonderful two minute yogic video talk by cool self-realized guy David Spero on the nature of the universe, Being, Consciousness and Bliss (Satchidananda), and the Eighth Limb of Yoga, Samadhi.

  1. Sat-Chit-Ananda | David Spero 

    Go Super Nova and Be Blissful!

Tame The Ego!

Stabilize the mind to tame the ego with a particular practice of breath control highlighted in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.34 combined with Hip Openers and Twisting Poses this week in classes at Lake Center Yoga.

As a result of this breathing technique, the body becomes light and the mind steady. If the breath is subdued, the mind also becomes so because the two are intimately connected. This technique produces steadiness of the mind and one-pointed concentration. During the exhalation and retention of breath the nerves of the body relax. After prolonged practice the ego disentangles itself from the body and a happy feeling of lightness spreads as the feeling of True Self in the core of the heart.

This sort of Pranayama can be practiced constantly and is very suitable for attaining purification, firmness of body and mind,and tranquility. It is a perfect complement to our Hip Opener and Twisting asana practice […]

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Stand Strong!

Stand Strong this week at Lake Center Yoga in classes with a focus on Standing Poses combined with Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.33.

Standing Poses are crucial for maintaining proper body alignment and equilibrium. Body alignment is essential for general well being. Standing poses help correct posture as poor posture is responsible for many ailments. By performing the Standing Poses you can correct this and be rid of a number of niggling conditions. Standing Poses build the body’s strength and flexibility. They stretch and tone the muscles of the body by working all the core muscle groups. They also stimulate the nervous system and improve circulation as well as develop focus by gathering up all the scattered thinking into the mind, body, spirit experience.

Along with Standing Poses we cultivate Yoga Sutra 1.33. which provides peace of mind and emotional stability. B.K.S Iyengar defines Sutra 1.33 as,“Through cultivation of friendliness, compassion, joy, and […]

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Holiday Peace, Not Stress

Here we are entering the beautiful season of focusing on love, gratitude and divine Spirit…. all of which are beyond the material. But the material “jumps out at us from everywhere in America” as a visiting LCY student from Israel said this week.

The pressures of the material during the holiday season can lead to anxiety, tension, and insomnia. In studies at Yale, these disorders were shown to be exacerbated due to the failure to produce adequate levels of the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system called GABA (gamma amniobutyric acid). Also, addicts addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine, food, gambling and EVEN SHOPPING all have one thing in common: not enough GABA.

As you can see, GABA is very important! People who regularly meditate have considerable increased levels of GABA.

Join us for Friday Night Meditation Class from 7:15-8:45pm to release the inner nectar of love, gratitude and divine Spirit […]

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Twist It Out!

Unravel old patterns (Samskaras) in your body, mind and emotions which no longer serve you via Twisting Poses and Yoga Sutra 1.18 as our theme this week in asana classes at Lake Center Yoga.

Samskaras, or laughingly called Sam-scare-as keep us bound in postural patterns, reactions, imbalances in our asanas and a clogged outlook. They come from staying glued to repetitive, knee jerk reactions from something in the past that continues to influence our life and behavior in the present in an unfavorable way.

Emotions, stress, anxiety and fear are held in the belly area, the Manipurika energy center. Twisting poses (as opposed to regular turning in life or in unconscious asana practice), clear and detoxify that area including the vital organs of the intestines, liver, spleen and stomach. They flush loads of fresh blood and energy into all those organs. You may find you don’t need antacids after twisting poses and […]

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Ka Ching! Hip Openers!

Tight hips are a major roadblock on the journey to a deeper yoga practice. Without flexibility in and around the hip cradle many of the seated forward bends, some arm balances and inversions will remain a struggle. The good news is that working on opening your hips pays benefits, Ka Ching!, that go far beyond your asana practice. Counteracting tightness in your hips can help to ease back pain, improve circulation to your legs and even improve the way you walk.

The hips have been called “the junk drawer of your house” because stress, emotion, fear and negative memories are energetically stored in your hips. Hip openers are an important key to releasing them and “cleaning out the drawer”. Cleaning out that drawer lightens your spiritual load making room for prana to flow through the entire pelvic region and allowing breath and vitality to move freely throughout your body. Deepen your […]

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Inversions Galore!

What will it be? Handstand, Headstand, Forearm Balance or Shoulderstand… or all those together tee, hee… come and see!

Benefits of Inversion Poses:

1. Gravity is used to provide the brain with more oxygen and blood and this increases mental functioning, improves concentration, memory and processing abilities.

2. Getting upside down allows lymph to more easily travel into the respiratory system to eliminate toxins and bacteria and increase immunity to prevent illness.

3. Heating inversions such as handstand, headstand and forearm balance get more blood moving to the brain which is physically invigorating and mentally revitalizing.

4. Cooling inversions such as shoulderstand and legs up the wall calm the nervous system to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to produce feelings of balance and calm.

5. Balancing on the hands or head is the next step after balancing on one or two legs in finding equanimity.

6. Inversions create body balance by developing upper body strength.

7. Inversions build […]

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Arm Balance Poses For Strength and Flexibility Now and Into Your Golden Years

Arm Balances give strength to your upper body for independent living as you age and make your core strong to hold you up in good balance.  The combination of osteoporosis with poor balance reflexes can lead to falls and broken bones (wrist, shoulder, and hip fractures are most common), with potentially life-threatening consequences as you age.  Due to upper body weakness many seniors can’t even open heavy doors or carry their own grocery bags.  Arm Balancing Yoga Poses will help prevent these issues.

Arm Balances can be challenging so they are often the favorite category of poses to “forget” to practice.  One reason arm balances are so challenging is they require both strength and flexibility. You may be very strong but still not be able to do arm balances if you don’t have the necessary flexibility. And yet excellent flexibility is no guarantee of success if you don’t have the needed […]

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