Still The Thought Waves Of The Mind And Ride The Wave of Bliss

According to Patanjali’s definition in the very first sutra, yoga is the cessation of the activities of the mind. The vrittis are any sequence of thought, ideas, mental imaging, or act performed by the mind, intellect or ego… pretty much any state of mind whatsoever.  The essential point for understanding yoga is that all forms or activities of the mind are products of matter and completely distinct from the soul or true Self, pure awareness or consciousness. The mind is merely a physical substance that selects, organizes, analyzes and molds itself into the physical forms of the sense data given to it.  In and of itself it is not aware of them. Sense impressions or thoughts are imprints in that mental substance, just as a clay pot is an item made from the substance clay, or waves are movements of the sea.

The mind can be compared to the software and […]

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Experience The Power Within

What is meditation? It has been described by many different people in many ways. Everyone has their own personal experience. Nevertheless, the yogic text Shvetashatara Upanishad says, “Those who are devoted to meditation and contemplation see the divine energy hidden in its own qualities. It is the One who rules over all causes from time to the soul.” This is the experience of the yogic sages. When they went deep inside in meditation, they experienced the power within. When you go inside, the same divine energy that exists within everyone is awakened. The yogic sages tell us if we only wander around the world outside we do not experience the awakened energy that lives within us.  We simply stay on the surface of life and feel we’re not really in touch with ourself, there is something more, but we just can’t get to it. As we go within, we have […]

Cultivate Pure Mind At Friday Night Meditation Class 7:15pm-8:45pm

Dedicating more time to silence and meditation is so valuable in observing a Sattvic or pure mind rising out of the state of Samadhi, the Eighth Limb of Yoga.  The practice of meditation distills and dissolves our attachment to words, concepts, and false identities that make up most of our speech, our hearing and our daily world.

Everyday we use words and images to describe objects, people or events. Our world is so attached and identified to the use of words, but really words are empty objects. They are only a perception of an actual object. Yoga Sutra 1.9 reminds us that a word is nothing but a combination of sounds used together to convey a meaning.  An attribute, characteristic, or identity is then created from these words and images. Confusion, projections, arguments and insecurities are caused when we associate qualities such as good/bad, rich/poor, honest/dishonest, this or that with […]

Keep Your Focus with Friday Night Meditation Class

“Keep your focus. Be the person you always want to be.”
Meditation Master Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Seclude yourself on Friday nights at the sanctuary of Lake Center Yoga from 7:15pm-8:45pm for a mini meditation retreat and reconnect with the person YOU always want to be.  Transformation of outer circumstances actually comes from a pure energy within us which expands back out and creates magic in relationships, job opportunities and success in all areas.  To access that transformative energy we MUST meditate!  There is no way around it.

When that energy is pulsing strong from you and keeps building in you with each meditation session you will just witness in awe the magic in your life. Circumstances you tried to change for years will melt into this energy and the alchemy between the circumstance or relationship at hand and the expanded sacred energy inside you will take things to a higher level. It’s true! Try […]

Mid-Summer One Day Yoga Retreat at LCY this Sunday, August 4th

Join us for the exciting 3rd Eye Inner Vision Yoga Retreat with Sri Ekan at Lake Center Yoga on Sunday, August 4th from 9:30am-4:30pm.

At this retreat you will enjoy multiple yoga techniques to open the famous “3rd Eye” of yoga, the 6th Chakra nerve plexus or energy center! The opening of this Chakra provides you with expanded intuition and profound understanding and insight into yourSelf and Life in general.

Please click the link for details and registration:

We look forward to Being with you at The 3rd Eye Inner Vision Yoga Retreat!

Brighten Your Brain With Meditation in Longwood!

Join us weekly at Lake Center Yoga for our Friday evening Meditation Class from 7:30pm-9:00pm and experience how meditation can brighten up your brain by improving your creative thinking, your energy, stress levels and even your success in life!  “It did to my mind what going to the gym did to my body – made it stronger and more flexible.” Says Dr. Hedy Kober, a neuroscientist who studies the effects of meditation, which she has practiced for ten years, in her lab at Yale University. Research also shows that meditation can reduce blood pressure, pain response, stress hormone levels and even cellular health!  Hope you can join us tonight or any Friday Night Meditation Class and gain all these benefits and more~


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Meditation Class July 12, 2013

De-stress from your busy workweek with the 7:15pm Friday Night Meditation Class at Lake Center Yoga!

The class begins with a delicious centering followed by the benefits of Sanskrit chanting and Yoga Sutras to take your mind from the clouds to the vast blue inner sky.  This week we’ll access Yoga Sutra 1.4 for our guided meditation to expand the blue sky clarity of the mind following an abbreviated asana practice and a breathing practice (pranayama).

Join us to unwind and float into your weekend~



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NEW! Meditation Class Starts this week

Come and join Sri Ekan for a new meditation class starting this coming Friday Night from 7:15pm-8:45pm. This is a perfect class to decompress from your busy workweek by re-storing yourSelf. Each week different yogic practices, which there just isn’t time for in regular classes, will be offered that will incorporate and reinforce the Yoga Sutra of the week. You will also enjoy some light yoga and restorative yoga poses to open up for a sitting practice of Sanskrit chanting, breathing practices, and kriya’s which will recalibrate your nervous system and energy pathways for meditation. Besides the benefits of this class for your immune system, each week you will gain good ideas for a home practice of the more meditative of the 8 Limbs of Yoga that will take your physical asana practice to a deeper level! This class may be part of your registration package as a regular class, […]

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