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Interconnecting Patterns for a Better Life

Welcome To Week 3 Of Our Current 6 Week Session this coming week at LCY.

We hope you can join us in these great classes to bring more balance and joy to your body, mind and spirit!

Yoga 1, Yoga 1-2 and Yoga 2 Classes
This week come and discover the interconnected patterns of movement, breath and form that, when ignited, give you a deep connection to your core strength, revealing the path to your maximum flexibility and sense of balance. We will work with traditional yoga postures and variations that focus on muscular and energetic connections side to side and head to toe as you explore your inner landscape via Yoga Sutra 4.20. You will leave feeling open, integrated and grounded after this practice. Props needed: 2 blocks

Yoga Basics Classes
This week’s Yoga Basics Classes will focus on the activation of core power in the torso which protects your lower back, hips, […]

This Week At Lake Center Yoga

This week at LCY the Yoga 101 Class learns how to empower the upward moving energy through the nervous system and the spine with the alignment principles of Inner and Outer Spiral of the Legs applied in poses and with suggestions on how to apply them in everyday movements.  These opposite actions also bring grounding to the legs and expansion of spirit as well as protection for the low back and knees and alignment that will prevent or help Sciatica.

The Ongoing Experienced Yoga, Beginning, Yin Yoga and Slow & Glow Yoga Classes this week will enter the central plumb line of the body via Yoga Sutra 3.7 as the theme to bring clarity and focus. Using hip openers, forward bends, and standing and seated poses with perhaps an inversion and a Sundial Pose you will find yourself in the central channel of your body called the […]

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.6

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.6


The application of Samyama occurs in sequential stages.

Our Yoga comes in stages. The beginning of yoga is becoming confident in your body so you can be confident for sitting in meditation. Then learning not to be affected by your thoughts and emotions. That may take years. When we relax and go deeper we can luxuriate in our natural state.

Different stages of meditation
Just to sit still and be comfortable in your body and to let thoughts and emotions settle is very beneficial to the body and mind.  different for different people depending on the level of stress people hold on to from their lives.  once negative stress has been minimized then the mediator can go to a deeper stage of relaxation and attention can withdraw from thoughts, emotions, memories, external sounds, and distractions, feelings etc.  sometimes people get at a certain […]

This Week at Lake Center Yoga

Sunday, October 25th Full Day Yoga Retreat!
Join us for The Ascendant: Your Karmic Doorway Astro Yoga Retreat this Sunday, October 25th from 9:30am-4:30pm. The Early Yogi Discount of $65 goes through tomorrow night, Wednesday, October 21st and registration is $75 afterwards.

The menu for the Organic Vegan Feast is: Roasted Red Pepper Soup, BBQ Tofu with Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice, Steamed Kale with Cranberry Beans, Mixed Salad with Tahini Dressing, Plantain Chips, Mango Pomegranate Tea and Ginger Candies.

You may treat your Self to this fabulous retreat by registering at:

Yoga 101 Class
We review the alignment principles of Week 1, the foundations of the four mounts of the hands and feet and the breath as the essence of action. Week 2 is learning Muscular Energy that creates stability, strength and physical integration in a pose and Organic Energy that is the extension in a pose that […]

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.5


We’ve been doing a lot of practice on concentration. Normally we concentrate on one thing but our attention jumps around.  Just feel like you are focused but your attention is diffused. It’s aware of everything but still focused. It’s aware of everything but not jumping around. All the attention is subdued to motionlessness. Like looking at a diamond. You see the cacets of the diamond. then the light of the diamond, then the diamond disappears. When that happens you are at the essence of the diamond and that’s Samadhi. The mind, intelligence and consciousness is all intermingled. We bring them all together in Yoga, that’s Samyama. the three fold practice of Dharana, focus, Dhyana, meditation and Samadhi, absorption in a chosen object or state of consciousness. When that happens you get a glimpse of the light. the luster of wisdom shines brightly. Like when a disciple […]

Meditation Gives You Direct Insight and Knowledge

Our Yoga Sutra of the Week 3.5 says: When focus, meditation and blissful absorption are practiced together, insight and true wisdom shine forth!

Meditation teacher Ryan Kurczak gives this commentary on Yoga Sutra 3.5: “Concentrated meditation to the stage of complete absorption into the object or ideal contemplated gives direct insight and knowledge into that object or ideal.”

You can see a good example in the picture above regarding love.  Another example is when we meditate on divine qualities until we are aware of nothing else, we can experience those divine qualities first hand. Then our insight is born of knowledge rather than belief or just reading or hearing about something.

Knowledge from direct experience results from the combined skillful practice of concentration, meditation, and blissful absorption.

Come and get the experience of divine qualities first hand at 7:15pm Friday Night Meditation Class with Sri Ekan!

Joyful Backbends

Join us in asana classes this week for a focus on Backbending Poses along with Yoga Sutra 3.5.

This Sutra says when we combine focus, concentrated meditation and blissful absorption into an object or ideal that is a Samyama which results in the true wisdom of that object or ideal.

Backbends relieve anxiety and stress, bring your spine back into it’s natural flexion, relieve chronic back and neck pain, improve breathing, help with insomnia, compress and flush the kidneys, encourage bravery and trust among many other benefits. The benefits of backbends are endless.

Come and apply Samyama into your practice and receive illumination of wisdom for your soul!

Get The Inside Job of Happiness Done

Here’s where to get the Inside Job of Happiness Done in classes this week at Lake Center Yoga~

*Beginner & Ongoing Yoga Classes with Sri Ekan & Nirgunavathi will enjoy a slow flow warm up of hip openers, leg stretches and forward bends to prepare you for the grand finale of your version of Lotus Pose, Padmasana. We’ll be aided by the intoxicating Yoga Sutra 3.4.

*Friday Night Meditation Class with Sri Ekan will unveil the highest state within you. Samadhi is always in us. We don’t feel it because we haven’t been practicing. Psychological research has found that you are able to change significant features of your personality with conscious intent. Meditation can help you strengthen the parts of yourself that have been lost, including the state of Samadhi, the 8th Limb of Yoga. In this class you will tap into the true self that has been obscured by your false […]

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.3 on Samadhi

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 3.3

Sit upright with minimal effort. Open hearted. Open minded. Tap into your breath, not rushing it, not forcing it, just slow it down and see if you can take your attention from having to breathe to the act of being breathed. The act of letting the air enter you and leave you and it will find its own natural flow in and out. Cleansing breath; hold at the top expend into the lung space, part your lips and exhale. 2 more. Relax into the breath. After concentration is developed you are able to concentrate without losing concentration. That is meditation. But we go back and forth. When you’re able to keep the concentration it is meditation. then there’s samadhi. whatever you’re focusing on you see from the observer. whatever you are focusing on disappears and the observer […]

Sweet Samadhi at LCY

Stabilize some Sweet Samadhi (The 8th Limb of Yoga) in your soul at 7:15pm Friday Night Meditation Classes with Sri Ekan followed by a sweet treat to take you even Higher!

“By mastering asanas and mudras, bring body, senses and mind under your control.
Through control of your mind and prana, all chakras are purified.
When these open, perfection in yoga is not far away.

When the sahasrara (crown chakra) stands revealed,
currents of nectar flow ceaselessly.
You attain the inner Witness, the Self.
You drown in an ocean of bliss,
your own true nature.” (Samadhi)

Swami Muktananda

Om, Om, Om~

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