Beginners Yoga Longwood – Sign Up for a Great 2017!

/Beginners Yoga Longwood – Sign Up for a Great 2017!

Beginners Yoga Longwood – Sign Up for a Great 2017!

Beginners Yoga Classes for You!

Would you like to start beginners yoga classes in 2017? If you’ve never done yoga before, you may not know where to start.

But we have the perfect answer for you – – Yoga Basics classes at Lake Center Yoga Longwood.

Lake Center Yoga has taught beginners yoga in Longwood for over 18 years now. The teachers have it down to a fine art. There are two choices for the Yoga Basics class starting the first week of 2017.

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is designed for those who have never done yoga or would like to relearn it from the ground up. We work with you at whatever level of skill, flexibility, strength and stamina you may (or may not) have. We know everyone is different and that is what makes us wonderful. If you can’t do certain poses, we will always have an alternative pose for you to do. That’s a promise.

We will teach you the fundamental principles of yoga so that you can build a wonderful practice of your own. In the six weeks Yoga Basics course we take you through the principles of yoga:

  1. Setting a good physical and spiritual foundation for your poses
  2. How to build up strength through Muscle Energy
  3. While building up flexibility through Organic Energy.
  4. You’ll also learn how to open up your lower back and shoulders while moving energy throughout your body with the principles called Inner Spiral and
  5. Outer Spiral.

Easy but Challenging Beginners Yoga?

We will make yoga easier for you to learn than you might expect while just challenging enough at the same time. . .

Click here to get more details on beginners yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga. Then sign up for one of our six-week Yoga Basics courses and have the year of your life!

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About the Author:

Barry Sowder
Barry has practiced at Lake Center Yoga since its beginning over 17 years ago. He took extensive teacher training directly from Anusara Yoga founder John Friend as well as other leading Anusara-certified teachers including Sri Ekan and Doug Keller. He specializes in teaching the foundational principles of yoga. Barry was licensed as an Avatar Master in 2006 which has had a profound influence on his spiritual approach in yoga and his life. Questions? Contact Barry at

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