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/Back bending Bliss

Back bending Bliss

Backbending can be one of the most therapeutic parts of yoga. Several studies show how backbends can stimulate the central nervous system, boost the immune system, help counteract damage of bad posture by realigning the spine, relieve back pain, bronchial distress, scoliotic deformities, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder to name a few. Aside from the tremendous physical benefits, there are also psychological and emotional benefits of backbending. They can help shift energy leaving the mind more clear and focused and they can help open the heart chakra and emotional center. Yoga Master B.K. S. Iyengar even recommended backbending to cure depression.

This week we’ll focus on a variety of backbending poses along with Yoga Sutra 1.10 to open the heart and cheer the spirit. We’ll learn about the form of vrittis (modifications of the mind) from sleep and how we can translate the pure sleep that gives us renewal, energy and positivity into the waking state of life and into our asanas as Samadhi. In sleep we are unconscious, but in Samadhi we are fully relaxed but super alert and supercharged! Cultivation of this keeps us in the place where we are sharp and clear rather than dull. Intelligent awareness leads the way instead of vrittis.

Come and reap the benefits of backbending!

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Nirgunavathi has studied yoga for 32 years in France, India and the U.S. She has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend since 1998 and was licensed as an Anusara Yoga teacher in 2003. She is delighted to offer the Yoga Sutras and other life enhancing yogic themes in her playfully serious alignment based Anusara Yoga classes at Lake Center Yoga.

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