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About Barry Sowder

Barry has practiced at Lake Center Yoga since its beginning over 17 years ago. He took extensive teacher training directly from Anusara Yoga founder John Friend as well as other leading Anusara-certified teachers including Sri Ekan and Doug Keller. He specializes in teaching the foundational principles of yoga. Barry was licensed as an Avatar Master in 2006 which has had a profound influence on his spiritual approach in yoga and his life. Questions? Contact Barry at

Self-Compassion and Yoga – It’s Transformative Power

The Yoga Sutras are the basic tenets of yoga. Yoga Sutra 1.33 says practicing compassion (karuna) in the face of suffering quiets the mind – which is the basic purpose of yoga. Self-compassion is no exception.

What are Compassion and Self-Compassion?

Compassion is “shared feeling,” a level of deep empathy that inspires action to heal another’s sorrow or pain. Forgiveness may be the highest form of compassion. But the highest test of compassion may be “Can I practice self-compassion?”

Read the infographic below to learn about the amazing benefits of self-compassion:

The Scientific Benefitsof Self-Compassion infographic

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Beginners Yoga Longwood – Sign Up for a Great 2017!

Beginners Yoga Classes for You!

Would you like to start beginners yoga classes in 2017? If you’ve never done yoga before, you may not know where to start.

But we have the perfect answer for you – – Yoga Basics classes at Lake Center Yoga Longwood.

Lake Center Yoga has taught beginners yoga in Longwood for over 18 years now. The teachers have it down to a fine art. There are two choices for the Yoga Basics class starting the first week of 2017.

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is designed for those who have never done yoga or would like to relearn it from the ground up. We work with you at whatever level of skill, flexibility, strength and stamina you may (or may not) have. We know everyone is different and that is what makes us wonderful. If you can’t do certain poses, we will always have an alternative pose for […]

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Yoga Workshop – What Kind Would You Prefer During the Break?

We will be offering a two-part yoga workshop during the upcoming Lake Center Yoga Summer Break. Help us choose which one – a pair of  Yoga Basics Workshops or a pair of Yin Yoga Workshops – by filling out the survey at the bottom of this page.

What You Need to Know First . . .

Here are the times:

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 from 10 am – 12 noon — Either Yoga Basics Workshop Part 1 or Yin Yoga Workshop Part 1.

Saturday, August 29th, 2015 from 10 am – 12 noon — Either Yoga Basics Workshop Part 2 or Yin Yoga Workshop Part 2.

Price: $20 per yoga workshop part or
$35 for both workshop parts if paid in advance.

Teacher: Barry Sowder – the Yoga Basics 2-part workshop he taught during the Spring Break was well-received: “Ricard and I loved today’s session! Barry is a excellent teacher and I learned a few […]

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Yoga Lake Mary Area – What Classes Fit You Best?

You have increasing choices for yoga classes in the Lake Mary area. So let’s contrast and compare three of the established studios so you can see which fits your needs and preferences best. They are Lake Center Yoga, Guruv Yoga Lake Mary and Everything Zen Yoga.

Best Fit By Description

Here’s another way to look at it: which of these three descriptions best fits you? (NOTE: Make sure to continue to the bottom of the page to see all three descriptions) 1. I want a large choice of different kinds, levels and styles of yoga classes.

  • Vinyasa, Flow, Ballet, Hot or Not, Hatha, Gentle, Yin, Zumba — bring it on!
  • Medium to larger classes feel great to me
  • Teachers with much experience, a medium amount and those just starting out all appeal to me
  • Some spirituality is available if I choose the right classes

If that description sounds the most like you: Try Guruv Yoga Lake Mary.

It is […]

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Yoga Altamonte Springs Area — What Are Your Studio Choices?

There are more choices than ever for yoga classes in the Altamonte Springs area. Let’s compare and contrast three of the better known studios to see which one seems best for you — Lake Center Yoga Altamonte Springs Yoga and Bikram Yoga Longwood.

* Class Size Definitions: Small = 5 or less students, Medium = 5 – 12 students, Large = 12 or more students

Best Fit By Description

Here’s another way to look at it: which of these three descriptions best fits you? (Keep reading to the end of this page to see all three descriptions) 1. For me, the workout is the thing.

  • Body and mind development are key to me but I like some spirituality too.
  • I love a challenge and 105 degree heat sounds great to me. Or at least I’m willing to try it to see if I like it.
  • I tend to be systematic so doing […]
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Yoga Longwood – Why Choose Lake Center Yoga? Yoga Classes Near Me

When you think of Yoga in the Orlando area, you may think of locations like Winter Park, Dr. Phillips or nearer downtown. But yoga Longwood? Those two words don’t necessarily leap to the front of most people’s minds. When looking for a yoga studio, you probably think, “I’m looking for yoga classes near me”.

Lake Center Yoga Longwood is the longest-established yoga studio in the Orlando area. Why do the students here say they have chosen Lake Center as their studio? If you like, you can view what they say on our testimonials page, on Yelp or on our Google + page. Or read the section below.

Why Do People Love Lake Center Yoga Longwood?

  1. I learned proper alignment that helped me improve or heal longstanding injuries.


“I first came to Lake Center Yoga after being severely injured. I could barely move and function. After 12 years of their […]

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