Is Lake Center Yoga Right for You?

//Is Lake Center Yoga Right for You?
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To find out if Lake Center Yoga is right for you, please rate all ten statements below . . .


  • If you very strongly agree with the statement, type a: 10 in box
  • If you strongly disagree with the statement, put a: 1 in box
  • If you feel neutral, type a: 5 in box
  • You may use the entire scale from 1-10

(1 - 10)
1Yoga includes an integration of Body, Mind and Spirit and yoga, without the spiritual aspect, doesn’t reflect the true meaning of yoga.
If you put a 5 or higher, put a check here:

2I prefer fast-flowing routines throughout the class.
If you put a 4 or lower, put a check here:

3I prefer yoga classes that are a mixture of flowing and holding poses with different mental focuses to train the mind as well as the body.
If you put a 7 or higher, put a check here:
4It is important to me to have yoga instructors who can safely guide me through my personal injuries, weaknesses and/or stiffness in a way that leads to improvement.If you put a 7 or higher, put a check here:
5I prefer highly trained teachers that teach from the wisdom of their teachers and the experience of their own personal transformation.If you put a 7 or higher, put a check here:
6I prefer larger classes of 15 or more students where I can just do my thing over more intimate classes of 8-12 where more individual instruction is available.If you put a 5 or lower, put a check here:

7I prefer to simply watch and duplicate what the teacher is doing in poses rather than more in-depth instructions that can take me deeper into a pose.
If you put a 5 or lower, put a check here:

8I guess I am a type A personality who just needs a good huff, puff and sweat type yoga to blow off my stress.
If you put a 5 or lower, put a check here:

9I am interested in learning about the power of the Sanskrit language, meditation and the application of ancient yogic wisdom in my practice.
If you put a 6 or higher, put a check here:
10I want to do yoga to make my overall life better -- not just a physical exercise program.If you put a 7 or higher, put a check here:
BONUS I would like to be able to do a yoga practice that has a spiritual aspect to it that would not take away from my beliefs but support who I am and help all my own beliefs to go deeper.If you put a 7 or higher, put a check here:
1-4 checks: Keep looking for another yoga studio

5-6 checks: See the class outline below to gain more insight as to whether its right for you. Then give us a call at 407-831-2229 or email us at with any questions and come try one class on for size

7-8 checks: Definitely sign up for one class to see how it goes. It looks like you will love it

9 or more checks: Sign up for a six-week session now!

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If You Got 7 - 9 or More Checks, Here's the Best Thing to Do . . .

7 – 8 Checks: Sign Up for One Class to See How It Goes
9 or More Checks: Sign Up for a Six Weeks Session
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Class Outline

To give you more insight into the above questions, here is how a “typical” class at Lake Center Yoga is conducted:

First you are individually greeted and made to feel welcome and comfortable.  If you are a new student, the instructor will help you settle in.

The class begins with centering techniques and class theme. Followed by opening mantra’s to help clear the mind and tune into a higher frequency. This helps one during the yoga poses to be able to bring your attention to the more subtle aspects of the mind and body.

Next the poses begin with carefully instructed warm-up poses such as down-dog and various forward bends, twists, standing poses and gentle flowing sequences. Once the class is warmed up, the flowing sequences may become more challenging and then individual poses are held longer and taken deeper.

Each week a certain type of pose (forward bends, backbends, standing poses, hip openers, twisting poses, or inversions) is emphasized although all types of poses are done in each class. The weekly theme theme is woven throughout the instructions of the class so that you can learn how to take the deeper lessons of yoga into your poses and into your daily life off the mat.

The teacher will carefully watch you and all the students to make sure you are doing the poses with proper alignment and to your individual ability. This will help you get the most out of each one while actually making any injury you may have better rather than worse. Many students report how improved their bad backs, necks, shoulders or knees feel after class. That’s what happens from good instruction of proper alignment in your asanas (poses).

Questions about poses are encouraged and the teachers want to know if you are feeling discomfort or over exertion in a pose so they can help you adjust to a more expansive experience of the asana (pose).

There is an emphasis on building and balancing strength, flexibility, optimal breathing and energetic movement and expansiveness throughout the session.

Toward the end of class the teacher will take you through a sequence of asanas that will prepare you for the final pose –savasana. In savasana you will lie still on your back for a few minutes and allow all the poses you did to settle in and integrate all you have just learned. Then everyone sits and and chants one “Om” and three “Shantis” together. “Om” is the sound of the basic vibration that makes up all creation — so its perhaps the most important sound for you to be familiar with. “Shanti” is simply the ancient Sanskrit word for “Peace”. To end, everyone bows their head with a final “Namaste”, meaning “The Divine in me salutes the Divine in you”. Classes last 1½ hours and we will be happy to help you choose the level of yoga that is right for you.

Yoga Basics – Yoga for Beginners

We also offer a beginning yoga class called Yoga Basics. Click here to learn more about it.

If The Class Outline Sounds Intriguing to You . . .

Try A Class!
Try A Class!

Further Questions? Please contact us!

We would love to discuss with you whether Lake Center Yoga is the right place for your yoga classes. We understand that different students have different needs and expectations for their yoga practice and a right fit is important.

Please call us at 407-831-2229 or email us at LCY@lakecenteryoga.comLet’s talk about yoga and you.