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Prana and Apana Vayu

This week learn to balance the two subtle breaths called Prana Vayu and Apana Vayu along with Yoga Sutra 2.12 and Asana classes emphasizing intelligent, aligned and integrated movement.

One of the main objectives of Hatha Yoga is that of stimulating the Vayus in a harmonious manner.  The human being is a transformer of energy, or prana. An uninterupted flux of particles, molecules and atoms traverses our bodies, not just as solid or liquid form but also as gas, and subtle energies. Air that brings us oxygen is also charged with water vapors and subtle smells, such as the smells of nature. These play an important role in preserving health as shown by aromatherapy. Life means changes and transformations. The more active our changes and interactions with the environment are, the more we are alive, in the most dynamic sense of the word. Our body is a whirlpool of energy in […]

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Have Restful Awareness While Being Active

Join us this week in asana classes at LCY to establish a pattern of moving while having restful awareness via Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.11 and a vinyasa yoga sequence with intelligent alignment.  In this practice you will retrain your nervous system to go from just having awareness, which isn’t always restful, into restful awareness in action! In your practice you can instill this state to extend into your life and constantly be in the unclutched mode while walking, talking, sitting, working, cooking- doing everything in unclutched restful awareness!

Meditation Master Roy Davis translates this sutra as, “Troublesome influences are effortlessly resisted and their forces weakened and dissolved by super conscious influences that prevail when, and after, meditative states of samadhi are experienced. Gradual or sudden immergence of our innate knowledge of what is true replaces erroneous ideas and illusions.”

Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar says of Yoga Sutra 2.11, “Here Patanjali offers meditation […]

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Space is Grace

Experience space as grace in classes this week at LCY via Yoga Sutra 2.10 and Inversion Poses and allow the subtle Kleshas, the obstacles of avidya-spiritual ignorance, asmita-ego, raga-attachment to pleasure, dvesha-aversion to difficulty, abinivesha-fear of loss of life or identification, to be silenced at their very source.

Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar says of Sutra 2.10, “The father of subtle afflictions is the mind, whose movements should be directed towards the seer by the yogic process of involution. In this way, subtle afflictions are vanquished and an unpolarized state of pure knowledge is attained.” What better process than involuting upside down with inversions or variations of them to suit you!

Here are some other benefits of Inversion Poses:

*Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose)- Your head, throat and neck are supplied with blood in abundance resulting in a new surge of energy in the nerve centers of the brain, pituitary glands and […]

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