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Stand Strong and Steady

Join us for Week 1 of a new six week session of Yoga and Meditation at Lake Center Yoga.  This week we will focus on standing steady inside and out with Standing Poses and Yoga Sutra 1.39.

Standing poses strengthen the body and the spirit. They invigorate us physically, mentally, and emotionally. The standing poses teach us to be simultaneously strong and flexible. The more precise our standing poses, the more energized and free, and internally stable we feel.

Yoga Sutra 1.39 is the last of the group of sutras on steadying the mind. We will integrate this sutra by approaching our asana practice as a bona fide support for fixing the mind without distraction to attain steadiness.

Once the mind has attained steadiness in one area, this steadiness can be readily transferred to other areas. Once the mind has become stilled, it’s sattvic nature can manifest, as a result of which the […]

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