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Wake Up! Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Energy Channels- One Day Retreat

Within us are planes of existence, areas of consciousness, which are in absolute darkness. How are you going to penetrate and illuminate them? It’s useless to talk about the different stages of consciousness. You must be able to experience them, like you experience the state of dreams or sleep.

When the pranic energy is aroused and awakened through the yogic practices, it is circulated to these dark areas of consciousness. Kind of like when you do a yoga pose and you feel all the awakened energy go to the side you did the pose on and the other side is so dull and almost lifeless in comparison. It’s the same with consciousness. Once the energy is circulated to the dark areas of consciousness the inner city is illuminated and you are reborn into a new dimension of existence!

Hatha yoga is practiced in order to initiate a process in this physical body […]

Twist It Out!

Unravel old patterns (Samskaras) in your body, mind and emotions which no longer serve you via Twisting Poses and Yoga Sutra 1.18 as our theme this week in asana classes at Lake Center Yoga.

Samskaras, or laughingly called Sam-scare-as keep us bound in postural patterns, reactions, imbalances in our asanas and a clogged outlook. They come from staying glued to repetitive, knee jerk reactions from something in the past that continues to influence our life and behavior in the present in an unfavorable way.

Emotions, stress, anxiety and fear are held in the belly area, the Manipurika energy center. Twisting poses (as opposed to regular turning in life or in unconscious asana practice), clear and detoxify that area including the vital organs of the intestines, liver, spleen and stomach. They flush loads of fresh blood and energy into all those organs. You may find you don’t need antacids after twisting poses and […]

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Ka Ching! Hip Openers!

Tight hips are a major roadblock on the journey to a deeper yoga practice. Without flexibility in and around the hip cradle many of the seated forward bends, some arm balances and inversions will remain a struggle. The good news is that working on opening your hips pays benefits, Ka Ching!, that go far beyond your asana practice. Counteracting tightness in your hips can help to ease back pain, improve circulation to your legs and even improve the way you walk.

The hips have been called “the junk drawer of your house” because stress, emotion, fear and negative memories are energetically stored in your hips. Hip openers are an important key to releasing them and “cleaning out the drawer”. Cleaning out that drawer lightens your spiritual load making room for prana to flow through the entire pelvic region and allowing breath and vitality to move freely throughout your body. Deepen your […]

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